Learning and teaching

I’m not sure what I did more of on Saturday, learning or teaching. 

My class handout is going through an overhaul based on participant feedback.  Lots of changes there.  Little things that I wouldn’t have considered, but having ten extra pair of eyes on it were definitely up for some improvement.  Even the font size, which I didn’t have any trouble with, but when it was printed and all those little numbers jammed together; yep, area for improvement.

Biggest faux pas of the day was when my machine wouldn’t work.  the first thing on the supply list was a working machine.  And, mine was the only one that didn’t work.  I only needed it for five minutes and it was just a mis-threading issue, but, I’ll certainly be more sure of that next time by sewing a practice bit before the whole class is watching.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and I’ve seen some wonderful finished blocks.  I’m going to write for permission to show them on the blog.  There was lots of laughing and while there were lots of mistakes, there was lots of humor around those mistakes.  So, I’m feeling much more confident about teaching it and the good thing about teaching to my bee is that if they run into trouble, we get together regularly for me to answer questions.

After class, I sewed a bit to help me relax and unwind.  Then, we went to dinner with the neighbors.  That was nice.  We went to a local Cuban restaurant.  Their in-laws were in town and we had a quilt for them to take back to Canada.  Mr M does wonderful chain saw wood carvings and we have a couple of his pieces.  Now, they ahve one of our quitls. 

And, Sunday was Easter.  No matter how far I get from my religious holiday roots, Easter still reminds me of the old hymns in church.  And, I spent a lot of the weekend with them rolling through my head, and while Syd and I cooked yesterday, I did sing my way through quite a few of the remembered words and melodies.  We had deviled eggs because that is the ultimate justaposition of ideas, right?  A holy day and deviled eggs?  Sydney baked a ham and made a strawberry cake and her first seven minute frosting…I loved that surprised look at six minutes and 45 seconds when the frosting turned into actual frosting.  She stuffed the leftover into her chocolate Easter bunny.  We’ll see how that’s going to turn out.  He didn’t melt, surprisingly, but did spring a small white frosting leak.

I enjoyed lots of time in the garden, walking around and studying it.  Of course, the Columbine are going wild.


And, the Coreopsis are starting to bloom…they skipped last year for some reason.


And, the Mock Orange are going nuts!!!  We have three and they are all this covered in white bloom.


I spent a good bit of time yesterday tidying up in the garage.  I’ve moved my cutting table out there and, as always happens at my cutting table, things get bogged down and periodically need to be cleared off.  Lots of fabric got folded and put away and the area was swept and furniture got moved so now I have three distinct areas; a sewing machine repair area, a sewing machine testing area for machines to get used while I’m decided if they are fully repaired, and a cutting area.  It’s wonderful to be organized.  For a little while.

And, yesterday afternoon, to rest, I worked on the guild’s star.  I got the second round on.  Now, I’m cutting the pieces for the final round. 


Looking good!  But, there’s been lots of picking out and doing “better”.  I’m trying to make sure i hit every point on this one.  The pattern is surprisingly easy, especially the second time.  But, I did have to open my mind to it.  There’s lots of little fiddly bits, but if you’re open to letting them be fiddly and not trying to force anything together, it works out pretty well. 

Same can be said of real life sometimes, right?

Everybody have a great Monday. 

“I sew, and sew, then off to work I go.” 

I am the eighth dwarf.



lw said...

The eighth dwarf! LOL!!

I love the idea of putting the leftover frosting in the bunny. Genius! I love how much Sydney is like you and like Rob.

I used to teach costuming workshops before the ren faires years ago. I never knew what information I left off the handouts until I had a house full of people trying to follow them. The fourth generation was pretty good.

Lakegaldonna said...

Sounds like you, Rob, and Syd had a wonderful weekend. About as good as it gets, eh?
( Love how your feathered star is coming along )

Anonymous said...

love that red quilt. phlox are beginning to bloom, but they are not what Eunice and I used to have. Can't find them. lum