Days to laugh

We certainly packed a lot into the weekend, especially considering I was packing for a trip.

I even finally gave myself a new suitcase, so now I have a bag for longer trips.  An in-between bag.  Bigger than my overnight bag that I can take on three day trips, but small enough that I don’t have to check it.  And, I have my huge bag that I could check, if I ever could afford to do that again.

Anyway, I made a block on Saturday before things got too wild. 


I wish my camera would do better with the reds.  It’s a fun block, very spring.  This will be the March block in my quilt.  And, hopefully, today, I’ll stop and get the fabrics for the April block.  They’ve got me so busy with meetings this week that there is no time to shop after today, and they’re after me to give up my car and ride with someone else, which is fine, except I’m actually okay with some alone time at the end of every day, while we drive to the next city.

We’ll see.  Tomorrow night is the longest drive and I am not looking forward to it.  But, it is what it is, right?

We are all well.  Life is good.  And, I’m off to experience the wonderful world of air travel, first hand.  Boy, do I miss the good old days, when you could relax and enjoy the travel.

See ya’


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Carla said...

Good luck on your trip. Love the block!
Stay safe out there