Favorite stories

So, these are my favorite stories of the week.

I was last on the plane.  I only made it because 6 gates from my gate, a man heard them announce last call for the flight, and he started to run.  And, I ran behind him, like those people that pull out behind an ambulance when there’s heavy traffic, using the emergency vehicle sirens to clear the way. I ran behind him, and when we got to the gate, he wasn’t a confirmed seat, so even though he got me there just in the nick of time…and believe me, I would not have made it without him, he didn’t get onto the flight.  But, I did.  DFW had been closed for weather.  DFW should still have been closed for weather.  That was one of the scariest flights I’ve ever been on.

Thanks, man…I don’t know who you were.  But, thanks for getting me on my flight because there were 82 people on standby for that flight.  Seriously.  I rode the shuttle to my car with a bunch of them.

There was a bachelor party group on the plane from Dallas to Austin yesterday…they weren’t partying yet.  They had the center seats, lined up, one in front of the other, of four rows, including mine.  They were all VERY young (and VERY attractive…ever notice how those guys travel in packs?)  Anyway, the guy next to me was so friendly.  As I stumbled onto the plane, sweat pouring off me, I got to my row, smiled, and pointed and  mouthed “that’s me”…a window seat.  As the two men got up, I fell into my seat, handkerchief in hand, wiping away…and the kid said “good to see you.  we didn’t think you were going to make it.”  And, I looked up for what should have been sarcasm, and it wasn’t.  He looked very genuine.  And, he was that way through the whole flight.  He pulled out a delicious smelling blueberry muffin and I commented that it smelled good and he said, “yeah, I didn’t get lunch.  Would you like some?”  Thanks, guy.  But, no.  I had a good lunch.  And, it was that way, off and on, through the whole flight.  When the plane dropped a couple hundred feet and threw everyone to the right, I fell into him, just like he fell into the guy on his right.  And, then we looked at one another, wide eyed, for long enough that we realized it was uncomfortable, and then we both looked down.  But, I could tell he was as scared as I was.  And, when the flight was over, he said “exciting trip” and I laughed and couldn’t say anything back.  And, then he said “it was nice flying with you.” 

Honestly people.  I wanna meet this kid’s parents.  They definitely got it right.  I wanna take pointers from them. 


What draws the elderly to casinos?  I have never seen so many people over the age of 80 at one place in my life.  The restaurant we met at was open to a hall that connected two gaming rooms.  (not a good idea if you’re ever scheduling a presentation.)  As I was listening to our presentation for about the 3rd time, I noticed two ladies going by and one of them had her knee go out on her and she stumbled to the wall to keep from falling.  Instinctively (plus a little I don’t need the EMT’s outside my presentation room thrown in for good measure), I walked out and asked “would you like to hold onto my arm while we get you where you’re going?”  She said I didn’t have to help and I replied that my Mama would be very proud.  So, she took my arm and we walked a bit, chatting.  And, her friend turned and said “that’s the neatest way I’ve ever seen to pick up a man, having your knee go out.” and we all had a good laugh.  And, when we got to the gaming room, it was closed, so we had to turn around and head back, twice as far as we’d already gone, and that was just the beginning of their trek to their rooms.  They had twice as far as that to go.  She was very nice and we walked very slowly and we had a nice chat and when we got to the end of the hall, her friend said they needed to sit, so I got her settled and told them good-bye and went back to my presentation. 

Five minutes in time that I’ll never be prouder of.  And, so will my Mom.


I have never smiled so much in my life. Smiling was one of the things I was there to do.  But, because I never knew whether I was smiling at someone coming to our presentation or not, I had to smile at everybody. Have you ever noticed how people smile back?  I’m loving this whole smile thing.

Y’all take care.  Have a great Saturday.  I’m off to a raffle quilt meeting.  We’re going to cut the fabrics for the kits for the quilt. 



Anonymous said...

Well those were some pick me up, feel good kind of stories. Have a great weekend!

Kath said...

Lane, I think you have the kind of face that's naturally made for smiling.

QuiltSwissy said...

I had a great experience with a "young" person when we flew from Denver to Houston three weeks ago! I was surprised because it was so courteous and memorable.

Nice to see there are some great ones in that generation!

Anonymous said...

Yes, your Mom is very proud of you. For more reasons than this. lum

Anonymous said...

Love the stories. Impressed by you - specially since you remembered things others would have overlooked. Thanks for sharing.