A fun little quilt shop

Hi, all.  I'm in a resort town in Indiana.  I wish I could say more good things about it, but it's hard to stay in a hotel you can't afford to eat at.  There is no food that is within my per diem, so I've had to walk to town for my meals.  Not so bad.  Except it's really pissing me off because all the hotels we'll stay in this week are the same way.  Clearly, my company has lost all perspective when fancy meeting hotels are better than giving their employees a raise.  And, don't think I don't resent it.

But, nothing I can do about that. 

On the way here yesterday, I stopped in a very fun quilt shop in Louisville, KY.  When I was on my long layover in Dallas, I scoped out the quilt shops in the area, and while there were two on my route to Indiana, they were both closed on Monday.  But, I found a shop in Louisville that was very nice and not too far out of the way, and I decided to stop there.  I'd show you a picture, but Google sucks... well, Google sucks if you refuse to let them take over your life.  I'm sure if I'd just surrender to the corporate giant, things would go smoother.  But, forget that!

Life is more fun as a rebel.

The quilt shot was called Among Friends.  And, this morning, when I looked at the business card, I saw that it is owned by Jon Lehman.  I tried to check whether he is related to Libby, but couldn't find anything in a quick search. 

Anyway, it was a big shop in a strip center.  Tons of fabric to touch and lots of supplies and patterns.  Before I knew it, I'd spent more than I intended and had to unzip that extra pouch that allows my luggage to expand.  I might have to have my boss ship some clothes home to me.   Not my fabric.  I'll want that soon as I get home.  But, I could let her take a box of clothes home and ship them. 

If I gave the owner any feedback, it would be that there was too much MODA.  I mean, y'all, too much of it looked the same.  But, I still found things I liked... and only one came from MODA.

Anyway, all is well here.  I did a little quilting in the Dallas airport yesterday, working on that black pre-printed whole cloth.  I hope I didn't make a mistake using dark gray thread to quilt it.  But, I'm too far along to change that decision now.  I wanted to knit on the airplane, but I was in one of American's new planes, and literally, there was no room to knit, and if you're a knitter making socks, you know that doesn't take up much room.  The fat ass in front of me dropped his seat back and my tray table hit me in the chest, causing me to "Umph!" real loud.  He didn't care, so I spent the next two hours kicking the back of his seat in time to the music I was listening to.  Because of the changing beats, there was no predictability to my kicking, so I know I annoyed hell out of him until he sat back up.

(Insert victory lap here.)

And, if you're in front of me, and lean back, expect the same if we're on a plane with too many seats. 

And, the lack of room is just another reason I don't fly American unless forced to do so.  That, and they have really, incredibly bad customer service.

Corporate America seems to actually enjoy running off their business. 

And, I'm fine with that.  Shop local!  Shop small!

Everybody have a great day.  I know there's lots of negativity in this post.  You know I'm not normally like that.  But, I can't help it today.  Maybe things will get better.  And, if not, I'll be home at the end of the week.  Even if I have to walk there.

See ya'.  Have a great Tuesday.  Somebody tell me how much fun they're having at their sewing machine, please.  I already miss my machines.



Becky said...

While I can't tell you how much fun I am having at my machine (we are packing up to move at the end of May), but I can tell you everything you said about traveling, corporate America, etc. was spot on, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger! Try to find something to enjoy today (even if you have to make it up!) Hoping the weeks flies by and you are home before you know it, sewing up a storm!
Love you,

Lakegaldonna said...

My my, you are right. You are usually a glass half full kind of a person instead of the other way around.

At the sewing machine......I just returned from a four day quilt retreat in Shipshewana, IN. It was fabulous! It is a recurring event in April and November. There were 90 of us all working on our own projects. What I like about this group is that I consider these people the best of the best. It's just so much fun to walk around and just see and touch what these fabulous quilters are doing. It's very inspiring.

Hope you find some more quilt shops to scope out for us all on your trip.

Marei said...

Well Lane I'm laughing. Your post doesn't strike me as "negative" but then I'm sarcastic as all get out so this is right up my alley. And I HATED having to stay in a hotel where my per diem didn't cover meals....and the only thing close enough to walk to was McD's. LOVED that you kicked that guys seat back until he finally decided to sit upright. Still smiling about that.

Elle said...

Purloin a hotel menu or two and staple to your expense report. If the salary won't rise, maybe the per diem will! Especially when if affects both the peons and the muckety-mucks.

Rebecca Grace said...

Cheer up, lil' camper! You'll be back at your machines in no time. I'm glad you got some fabric shopping in during your trip at least.

I did no happy sewing today, just mediocre attempts to photograph the finished (!!!) baby quilt before I have to ship it away to the new mom. But I'm hoping to get back to my paper pieced pineapple log cabin blocks again tomorrow, which should be a LOT easier on my poor owie shoulder and splinted thumb!

Megan said...

Lane - I empathise with you. I also hate travelling for work. That said, it is possibly the case that your organisation has been able to negotiate very heavily discounted room rates with the hotels that you'll be staying at this week and I, for one, would much prefer to stay in a 'fancy' hotel than in a cheaper one. As a woman, it's also the case that I feel safer in a 'fancy' hotel, because 'fancy' hotels have more staff, have better security, and are more likely to be willing to respond (per concierge, housekeeping etc services) if I need help than less fancy ones. I imagine that it's unlikely that there's any trade off whatsoever between the company's decision not to give staff salary increases and the hotels they deal with for business travel arrangements. That is, if you're not going to get a salary increase anyway, at least they do the right thing when you travel. That's got to be better than no salary increase AND second-tier hotel accommodation. And, one more point: the per diem rate sounds disappointing. But ... that's not the same thing as saying that you can't eat at the hotel. It means that if you chose to eat at the hotel, then you'll either be covering some of the meal costs yourself or eating the lowest-cost item on the menu and skipping dessert. You may well have reason to resent putting your hand in your pocket for what you consider business expenses when you're travelling, but if you were at home, you'd be paying for the ingredients used to cook your dinner, so perhaps you could look at it as evening out? Again, as a female traveller, in some circumstances I would not feel comfortable walking into town at night to eat and would feel that I had little choice other than to stay in the hotel for dinner.

I can relate to feeling miserable, resentful, even pretty 'down' about business travel. I'm not attempting to dismiss your emotions, but rather, trying to help you look at the situation with a different mindset, in the hope that it will be of some help.

Have fun at the quilt shops you find!

Sydney, Australia