Precision piecing

I love precision piecing, no matter the size of the pieces.  I’m so glad I took Sally Collins’ class last year.  I know, it was a class to make an $80 pin cushion.  But, it was so much more than that.  It was matching points for life. 

So, what is the most important thing that I think I took from her class?


Let’s take this feathered star point, for example.  We’re going to look at two things, the red and white feathers and the white star point that they are attached to.


The feathers should finish at 3/4” each.  So, when I pieced the five feathers together, I made sure that the section measured 4 1/4” and if it didn’t, then I checked each square to see if it was 3/4” and where they weren’t, I corrected them.  Then, I measured the star point.  I measured 4 1/4” from the y seam and I knew that was how far the feathers could extend.  I pinned and made adjustments to make sure that the feathers were the right size and that, when attached to the next piece, they took up exactly as much space as they were supposed to. 

That was one of the main things that made this block easy to piece for me.  Because everything fit it’s spot, it all went together very nicely. 

I did not iron or press the block during construction.  I pressed the individual components, but once they were attached to the star, no more pressing.  Then, at the end, I laid the whole thing out and measured how big it should be, and I pressed the block into that size.  That forced any slight adjustments I’d made during construction to conform to the space they were allowed to occupy.

Okay, I know that’s unconventional.  And, I know lots of people wouldn’t approve.  But, it worked for me.

When the raffle quilt committee reached out the other night, it was about some lemoyne stars that need to be precision pieced.  This is the first border outside the triple feathered star.  I agreed.  It’s just 44 lemoyne stars that finish at 4” each. 

Easy-peasy.  I’ll do that instead of working on star blocks for the quilt.  We have several sew-in dates scheduled, so I’m not at all worried about being able to do it. 

I might have been more nervous about that, but I’m making 5” lemoyne stars for my own Feathered Star blocks, and I know how the block goes together…lots of partial seams and Y seams. 

Whoo-hoo…errrm, aren’t we supposede to hate those two things?

It’s all about careful marking. 

Keep your pencil handy.

Have a great Friday.  This afternoon, Nirti has a followup visit, so she’ll be mad at me for the next couple days.  Hopefully, she’ll get over it before I leave for IN. 

Rob’s been sick, Syd’s been sick, one dog was injured, one cat was sick.  Just call me Nurse Ratchet.



Marei said...

My husband is a RN, but I am sadly lacking in compassion so if you get sick and I have to take care of you the "Ratchet" attitude is definitely ON! I bet you're much more compassionate that I am. :)

sewengel said...

I have also taken a class from Sally, it is worth every penny. I use more of her instructions than many other teachers.
Sharon in wet colorado

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your house is like ours. Love that red and white star. You do such wonderful work. Wonder what Miss Claudia would think of your work. She would be amazed. lum

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, dear! I'm sorry to hear that you have so much sickness and suffering in your home right now! Glad you're healthy, though. Your feathered stars are sublime. I would love to take a class with Sally Collins someday but until then, her books at the next best thing.