Weekend classes

I am both taking a class and teaching a class this weekend. 

On Friday night, I’m taking a class called “Eve’s Delight” by Martha Thompson.  Yes, that Martha Thompson, who wrote Square Dance and Magical Hexagons, both of which I’ve made quilts from.


I love the concept of sewing fabric together, then cutting it apart again to make a different shape.  That’s the concept upon which a lot of my mini-piecing is built. 

I didn’t even know she was a member of our Guild.  I first saw Martha on Simply Quilts when these books came out.  Now, I’m going to get to take a class from her.  Whoo-ee!

I know there are a ton of quilts being made out there by newer designers.  You have to pick through them to figure out which ones are just cutting old patterns from new fabric, and which ones are actually blazing new trails and creating new concepts.  Martha’s concepts were, for me, new trails to take my piecing to a new level.

Eve’s Delight is the apple core pattern.  I’ve always wanted to make an apple core quilt, but I’ve never tried.  The curves are a bit daunting.  Hopefully, the three hour class will make me feel better about it, and who knows, there might be a very nice apple core quilt in my future. 


I had a really hard time picking fabrics for this.  I just wasn’t in the mood for anything, it seems.  So, I went to my 30’s reproductions and pulled fabrics from there.  But, they’re not turning me on.  So, later, I’ll be back at the drawing board.  I like the idea of piecing this quilt out of my small collection of repros.  I collected a lot, but I’ve kind of grown bored with them over time.  So, what better way to move them on than in a class?

I only need five fat quarters, and there’s way more than that here.  I wanted to have my basic fabrics, that go with the pink/green/yellow floral on top.  I’ll use that floral as a border.  I want to take lots of small pieces of fabric so that I can choose what I want to work with, after I’ve seen the class sample again, and based on what my mood is that day.  Don’t you just hate to get to class with a bundle of fabrics that you were excited about when you picked them, but on the day of the class don’t excite?

If I don’t do something about it now, I’ll be in the floor on Friday afternoon, trying to choose again.  And, I am not going to have time for that.

On Saturday, I’m teaching freezer paper piecing as a full day class.  I’m so glad I got to practice that class.  I am not at all worried about this weekend. 

Course, when I don’t worry, that’s usually when I have a disaster, so this whole thing can still go either way.

But, if my main goal is to have fun, and teach something I know very well, then I don’t think it can help but be a fun day.

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  The week is flying by.  So much to do, so much to do, so much to do.  I’m loving it.  I’m taking up space.  And, being an active participant in my life. 

Some of it is fun and easy.  Some is hard and painful. 

But, I find myself waking with a smile on my face more than I did last year.  That’s gotta say something, right?



lw said...

Your class sounds great! It's hard to pick fabrics unless you know what size the pieces need to be, but given that pretty yellow, red, pink and green floral, I'd get excited about using the yellow and white, the green in the middle, the red on the left and the plaid. Especially the plaid.

I'm working on putting together a round robin quilt that my baby sister (who passed in 2013) left behind. I keep hoping I'm making the choices she would have made for the placement and the sashing and border. I keep second guessing myself, which isn't helping.

Sharlene said...

I have done an Apple Core quilt and love the result - lots of work in those curves. Just make sure you pin, pin, pin! Enjoy. it will be well worth it!