High praise

well, the country boy is headed home.

I got my first good nights sleep since I got here last night. The only thing I did different was that I pulled the down comforter off the bed and pulled the blanket out of the closet. But I didn't wake in a puddle of my own sweat, so it worked.

We had our last meeting. It went just as well as the others. And, when I was leaving, everyone thanked me for all the help. What they saw as exceptional was just my normal. My boss went so far as to tell her boss, in front of me, that whenever she needed something, she would look around to see where it was and I'd be there handing it to her, anticipating her needs. We even developed some hand and eye signals...our own private language.

I had fun. My butt is dragging on the ground behind me I'm so tired. I won't be surprised if I fall asleep on the plane, which I almost never do.

It will be nice to sleep n my own bed, with my very own bed partners, both the human and the furry.

Everybody have a great Friday. If you see my plane overhead at 35000 feet, be sure to wave. I have a window seat.


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Lakegaldonna said...

Aww, safe travels quilter friend.

You deserve to sleep in your own quarters tonight. Your family will be so happy to have you back at home.

Hope your plane ride was ok back to TX.