Stars and Feathers

This year has definitely been feathered star focused.

On Saturday, I finished the guild’s star.


And, wonder of wonders, it came out the right size.

I’m taking it to the guild meeting to show the committee.

While I was finishing this star, I was also thinking about that project I described a few days ago, here, near the bottom of the post.  I have these little collections of four or five fat quarters that I’ve picked up here and there and I want to use them in a quilt that commemorates the year. 

I’m going to start with my own triple feathered star in the center.  And, around that, I want to put smaller feathered stars, made from my fabric collections.  Here is the first one.


I made it from a collection of fabrics I bought in January, with the gift certificate to my LQS that my boss gave me.

Loving that one.  And, the next set of fabrics is washed and ready.  I plan to use the same pattern for each block, and in each, use a set of fat quarters that I collected in a certain month of this year; 12 blocks around that triple star. 

Anyway, ambitious, I know.  But, it will give me an excuse to stop at a LQS while I’m on my business trip this month, right?  All I need is an excuse.

And, yesterday, I worked on Syd’s purse.  I think we were both surprised at the size.  She’s more of an overnight bag, used as a purse kind of girl.  But, this will be nice for when she just needs a little bit of stuff, and isn’t carrying books and pencils and calculators at school.  Just made the strap this morning, so it’s not attached yet, but that’s the last step.

100_8082 100_8086

It’s only about 10”x11”.  Just big enough for a tablet and a phone and a few personal items.  But, now that it’s made, I could absolutely make a bigger one.  The instructions were very complex.  But, I followed them, one step at a time, and they worked out okay.  However, there were a couple times I wasn’t sure this was going to work.

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’m working up a toturial on tissue paper marking for free motion quilting.  Tonight is guild and tomorrow night is board, so the family is feeding themselves.  I’ll miss them.  And, then next week, I’m out of town, so I’ll miss them again.

Oh, and Megan made me laugh on Friday.  “Sleep is for the weak!”  I was strong.  But, I did manage to get some sleep.  When I wasn’t tossing and turning and planning future quilts.  Some people count sheep.  I count quilt blocks.

See ya’.  Lane


Anonymous said...

The squares are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Where will you be next week? And for how long? I know everything will be just fine at home, you have taught them well. Everything fine here. lum

lw said...

I can see why you went to so much effort to make sure the reds wouldn't run in your feathered star. They're both wonderful, though I admit that I like the fabrics in your second one better.

The purse turned out so cute! I often wonder about the instructions, about half the time I abandon them and figure it out myself.

Anonymous said...

"I count quilt blocks"!!!!! So do I!!!!