Loving what you look like

Hard one, huh?

Yep.  I need a headshot. 

So, in my family’s normal fashion, we all got involved. 

Rob was lighting, Sydney was photographer.  And, I tried to smile a natural smile, while at the same time, keep both eyes open.  It’s wonderful to have a support team.

When did I get these apple cheeks that close my eyes when I smile?  I kinda like ‘em.  Makes me look happy.  No wonder so many people smile back.  And, this isn’t even my big smile…the one that makes my eyes close.  My Dad’s eyes close when he laughs. 


This is for work, and for the blog, and for my teaching.  And, yes, I do see the shameless promotion of The Point is the Points in the background.  Shameless.  And, unashamed.

Some of the shots Syd took were all nose.  Not sure when my nose got so big.  But, I kinda don’t mind.  It’s a good nose, with plenty of room to breathe.  And, that’s what it’s all about, right?

And, my beard has gone grey.  When its trimmed close, you can barely see it.  So, last night was a great night for a picture.  I’ve been bald so long I never even thought about grey.

Anyway.  That’s me.  Pretty as a postcard.

Is it a bad thing if I still think I’ve got “it”? 

So, how about some garden pictures to let your eyes rest.  I was out in it yesterday afternoon, pulling weeds while the casserole baked, and just couldn’t resist some pictures.

Iris from the compost pile at the Boston Public Garden.  They were so prolific, people were throwing them away.  Rob and I cut the tops off all we could pack into a box and brought it home on the plane.  Oh, for the good old days of flying, when you could carry almost anything on.  That was many years ago, and for many years they did not bloom.  But, the last couple of years, they’ve made up for it.  I guess they had to acclimate…it is a long way from Boston to Austin.


These lilies are from the neighbor across the street.  We filled and keep her front flower bed maintained.  One of the few things in it when we started was these lilies, and I was lucky enough to “accidentally” dig one up one day, and it found its way into my bucket and now, it lives in my yard.  The neighbor would definitely call it a fair trade.


More Boston Iris.


Roses and Iris and Lilies, and sunshine.  What a way to wait for supper.


And, finally, I thought I’d show some pictures of other things I’ve used the tissue paper marking method on.  Remember, I said it was great for repeated patterns. 

The Point is the Points has 25 block centers.  I wanted the same design in each one.  I drew it out once, and then copied it to 25 squares of tissue and it came out great.


I used it for these feathers in A Place for Life to Happen.  I wanted the same feather on one side and reversed on the other.  And, I wanted the same thing at the top of the quilt.  I drew the design once and made four copies and used some of them right side up and others right side down and got these perfect mirror images.  (Yes, we did hang the quilt front side to the wall.  The quilt front is the same color as the wall, so to enjoy it, we need to look at it from the more vibrantly colored back.


And, here’s another look at the Baptist Fan progress on the Civil War Stars quilt.


Three sides down.  And, the last one is a short side.  I can smell the finish line.

Everybody have a great Thursday. 



Elle said...

Yes, the apple-cheeked scrunchy-eyed smile is irrestistible!

lw said...

I agree with Elle. The photo is good of you, and who can resist that smile? You might try to fill in the flash, though, so your face is brighter than the background. On my computer, the quilt is acting as camouflage more than a backdrop because your skin tones and shirt sort of blend in.

Love the garden photos. And I do miss the days when you could carry home plants and bulbs on a plane.

Rebecca Grace said...

i love the head shot, Lane! and of course your quilt was the perfect background. thanks for sharing the spring flowers, too. i love irises!

Marei said...

I think your head shot is great. And it does make me smile. And thinking you've still got "it"....well that's the best way to feel about yourself...always. Love seeing The Point is the Points.

Lakegaldonna said...

Nice head shot Lane and so wonderful the whole family got involved. That's pretty much what it's all about you know.
Love the red lily that found it's way to your gardens.

Thx again for the tissue paper method of getting perfect repeating patterns. I've not had the opportunity to use the idea yet. I just hope I remember to search your blog for the instructions when I need them.

Have a really up Friday.

Anonymous said...

Lane, my lovely daughter and I have what we call ' happy apple' cheeks and we find that strangers will tell us their life stories. We think it is because happy apple faces look friendly and approachable. Lucky you to have them too!

Piece by Piece said...

Nice photo Lane. Most people, including me, just hate the look of themselves in a photo, however, you seem to like you.
Your shirt matches the colours in your quilt, which by the way, looks great, just wish I could tackle mine to call it a finish.
Have a great weekend.

Lyn said...

Love your pic! It made me smile back. My compliments to Sydney as photographer. BTW, your "cheeky" smile has a "I know something you don't know" look to it. So impressed with your garden! Love the red lilies. Keep me in mind if you ever accidentally dig any up. How does one get invited for a garden tour? Lyn