This post brought to you. by the number 1 5/16

It's also the first post from the Surface 3 and the first one I've written without Windows LiveWriter in a long time. 
It's a good thing I got the Surface because my laptop gave up the ghost last night.  And, no, I had not been diligently backing it up.  I'll try moving the hard drive and see if I can get my pictures.  Fortunately, it hadn't been too long since I backed up.
So, why the reference to 1 5/16?  That's the predominant measurement in these Lemoyne star blocks.  I actually made one more yesterday, so now, there are 5.  Just 39 more to go!  Whoooo-hoo.


I have the other red pieces cut out and now that I'm out of whites, I'll need to cut more.  I only cut a few pieces to start, until I could play with the pattern and make sure everything was just right.  Then, I cut the rest of the reds.  I had to lay them out to get an appropriately scrappy look.  Can't leave that scrappy look to chance, you know.  If I tried, all my blocks would end up looking just alike.

And, if that wasn't enough, I'm also making my own monthly feathered star, which also has a Le Moyne star center.

And, I'm almost done quilting the apple core baby quilt.  In the end, I decided to go with the original plan, and just trust that vision and I ended up being happy with it.  I just couldn't find anything that was doing it for me, but after I decided to go with this, and the decisions got easier, I started to like it more and more.  I even like the simple quilting.  In the border, I quilted leaves, in the shape of the leaves in the print. 

I'm toying with some free motion, very loose leaves across the wavy grid, quilted into the blocks.  Just something to break up the regularity of it.

Whew!  Getting used to new things is tough. The new keyboard, different software, different spellcheck.  I need a nap after typing this post.

But, alas, this man's work is never done and today will be yet another very busy one.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


lw said...

Love the red lemoyne stars! They look so happy. And the baby quilt really came to life with the quilting.

Libby in TN said...

You will love your Surface! Stars are looking great!