Yellow and Green

It’s that kind of a day.  It’s going to be a bear at work.  Nothing I can do about that, except sit back and enjoy it.  Or, tolerate it. 

But, the boss is counting on me to be diligent in her absence, so I can do that. 

Today, we got the first daylily.  A nice common yellow.  There will be a lot of these.  And, a lot of others.  I’ve noticed an abundance of bloom scapes with flowers getting ready to open.  You can see some of them in the background.


Okay, so this one isn’t yellow and green, but somebody needs to set themselves a reminder to send me this picture in August, when it’s 108* outside and we’re begging for a cool breeze.


Or, this one would do, with its promise of more bloom and color.

Alas, it’s not all garden pictures, tho. 

The baby quilt continues to progress.  Last night, I was feeling pretty discouraged about it.  It just isn’t a very exciting quilt.  So, this morning, I decided I was going in the studio, giving it one quick look, and deciding whether to proceed, or give it up and start over.  I needed to make one quick decision, and then move on with it and stop second guessing myself. 

I decided that this is NOT the most wonderful baby quilt I ever made. 

But, it’s not the WORST one either.  It’s cute in it’s own unexciting way.  So, I will proceed.  The squaring border sections got pieced this morning, and two of them got attached.  Then, the dark olive border and the leaf print border and this one will be an official gift, ready to quilt.

Everybody have a wonderful Friday.  Sydney has a big test today and had to be at school early.  I filled her up with protein.  I told her she might burp, but she wouldn’t get hungry.

Brain food.  Keep the brain fed and hopefully the answers will come to you. 

My last bit of advice was “everything’s easier if you’re smiling.” 

You can imagine the look I got for that.  Who knew eyes could roll that far.  I was mystified.

Tomorrow is bee.  I want to finish this top and start cutting Lemoyne stars.  I need to get started on those.  I’m held up by the cutting.  I don’t want to do all that cutting.  So, I’m going to cut a quarter of them.  That’s the deal.  I can cut more, if I want.  But, I need to get at least a quarter of them cut out this weekend. 

Rationalizations are wonderful.



Kate said...

I have those days at work, too. Eight hours and they end. Hang tough. Have you thought of appliqueing something on the quilt? A little sunflower? An animal? A handprint? Wouldn't take much to just cute it right up............

Marei said...

I try not to offer "ideas" because when you write a blog it's about YOU, not what someone else thinks, but (you knew that was coming) have you thought about using a white for the stop border and making it a tad wider than the olive you have shown? I think white would brighten it up and make it feel more 'baby-like'. Ok, that's my 2 cents even though you didn't ask for it. Hope I haven't stepped on your toes.

lw said...

I agree with Kate. A little contrasting color would take it from sweet to amazing.

quiltermom said...

I made a gift quilt once, that was the actual color of split pea soup. Ugliest one I ever finished. They loved it, and use it daily. You never know. My son carried around a baby blanket for 10 years...he did not care that it was pink and yellow.