Yeah, well ya’ shudda’ seen it before

My sewing room should not be called a sewing room.  It does a disservice.  My room is all my stuff that didn’t fit into our neat and orderly lives.  I have a lot of stuff.  And, I’ve taken the smallest room in the house.  And, even that is an improvement over when my sewing room was the walk in closet of the room that’s now my sewing room.  So, I just need to accept that my room is going to be cluttered and get over it. 


Now that I’m over that, I can celebrate the organization that I’ve brought to the space.  Over the weekend, I added a shelf to the walk in closet in my room and re-organized everything in there.

(And, just so the first picture you see on your dashboard isn’t my cluttered sewing room, Sydney took care of the neighbor’s cats while they were in Canada and they thanked her with Tim-Tams.  Okay, all you Aussies, I see what you’re talking about.

100_5787 )

And, back to the room.

All my garment making stuff is neat and well organized (and vertically stacked instead of being stuck into empty space here and there).


And, all my portable sewing machines are lined up and I can just grab one and go, depending on the project.  I was able to do that on Saturday when I picked a machine for quilt bee.


Knitting and crochet and cross-stitch, all in one place.


All the batiks, together and ready to go.


Fabrics and patterns, kitted up but not started.


And, started projects, waiting to be finished.


Yes, there’s only those two hanging there.  Wait, please don’t move that.  Stop!  Please.

Um, UFO’s being used as a curtain to hide my UFO’s from myself.  But, hey, at least they’re all in one spot, right?


It’s rude to count.

And, all of my office and desk stuff in one spot.


You know that feels good, even it it looks cluttered. 

My next big hill to climb is this one.


I like to put my projects in containers; so handy; everything in one spot; just grab and go.  Or, more like pack and hide.  So, when I organized and combined everything, I ended up with this stack of about 25 empty containers.  I could put my projects back in them.  Or, I could donate them to goodwill and then replace them and put my projects back in them, because I know that eventually, I will repeat that behavior. 

So far, they’re just sitting there, mocking me, like that rain-stick in the center mocking the misting of rain we got yesterday and the chance that it might actually rain on Wednesday. 

It’s an August miracle. 

The mist yesterday dropped the temperature about 15 degrees, around 6pm.  Oh, so nice.  Don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining.

Okay, it’s Monday.  Today, I am looking at a new job.  I want to find someone that worked for this boss before, just to see what I can expect.  We’ll see.  Keep your fingers crossed.  This would be a really good thing, even though it would be lots of change. 

But, change is good, right?


Hello.  (tap, tap, tap)



Andra Gayle said...

good job, Lane! I have a huge mess that needs to be tackled soon! Good luck on the new job!

lw said...

Change is good, if for nothing else than a learning experience.

There's nothing so neat as a nice, neat stack of stored projects. If I don't clean back between projects, I can't work in my sewing room. Looks like you're ready to go-- is that the orange peel quilt top dangling so invitingly in front of the other UFOs? Can't wait to see how you finish that.

Tammy said...

Always a joy to read your posts Lane. Why should your sewing room be any neater and less cluttered than mine? Sheesh!! I agree with you it is rude to count the UFOs.

Anonymous said...

Your sewing room looks great. Gave me the inspiration to tackle part of mine! Best of luck on the job hunt.

lindaroo said...

Who cares how many UFOs there are? You are a finisher! They'll all get done, we know! --A possible new job?! What next, a new love of roller coasters? I'm so impressed with your willingness to embrace change!!

Rebecca Grace said...

I don't understand UFO guilt at all. If I don't feel guilty about abandoning Ulysses by James Joyce or Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, then I'm certainly not going to feel bad about the little felt Christmas ornament kit that I bought sixteen years ago and then stuffed into a drawer after about 20 minutes of reading over the instructions and wondering why I bought it in the first place.

I feel that my half-finished projects, as well as my barely-begun projects, are an important legacy that I will pass down to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Eventually, SOMEONE will probably want to finish them, right? ;-)

By the way, I'm intensely curious about your family of sewing machines now that you've piqued our curiosity with the photo of several of them hiding away in their cases. I spy a Featherweight case for sure, but I have no idea what's under the other covers. Please consider sharing them in a future post, and telling what kinds of projects you prefer to do on each one.

Good luck with the job thing!

Elizabeth said...

I want to know how things get so out of hand. I totally need to organize and de-stash. And finish a few projects.

Yay you for getting on top of it.

Perhaps if I finish a few projects I would feel on top of it, too.

xo -E

Becky said...

AAAAACCCCCKKKKKK! Did I see the Orange Peel in that closet???!!!!!

Your space looks great. I'm in the midst of tinkering around in mine.

Love you!

Megan said...

Yes, you're correct: it IS rude to count.

Sydney, Australia

Carla said...

I keep saying I'm going to organize better but keep putting it off. Maybe if I'd organize I'd be more productive. Than again maybe not.
Nice job Lane.
Wanna come to Houston and organize my small room.