Ahhh, sweet relief.

Yes, the Aleve has made me feel human again.

And, some of that relief is from my boss finally going to the airport so we can all get some rest. He's been working hard on his presentation and subsequently, those of us that support him have been working hard on his presentation. I think he made his last request for a change this morning. But, who knows. He could think of something on the plane and send me an email this afternoon, so I better enjoy the peace while I can.

I still haven't been able to attach the teeth to the nutcracker on my cmas quilt. To use Sydney's new favorite word, they're creepy. I'm gonna have to step back and try something else. They're bumpy and lumpy and he looks like he has an overbite. While they're straight, they're just BIG. I can do better. Tonight's my night in the sewing room, so I'm going to get a chance to try again.

Last night, another mentionable dinner. We had real, old fashioned french toast with ham and potatoe hash using this recipe http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/ham_and_potato_hash/. This is one of my family's favorites and every time I say I'm going to make it, Rob gives me that funny "I can wait" look because he remembers 70's canned hash and forgets how good this one is. But, soon as I put it on the table, he brightens up and makes sure there's enough for seconds. If you like ham and potatoes, this one is worth the time it takes.

It's just so hot around here that I'm feeling the drain (which explains a nice and easy approach to dinner). In fact, everyone I know over 40 is feeling it. So, I'm going to leave you with a picture of a cool quilt. This one just makes me think of cool weather, so when I was looking at pics I'd posted on my old blog but never here, I saw this one and knew it was right for today. I made this last year and it hangs on the living room wall.

It's from a Fons and Porter pattern that I cut in half. Here's a picture of the quilting detail.

Nice straight lines and a celtic knot in the yellow blocks.

Okay, that's enough peaceful thinking. Time to get around to some of that work I didn't get to before my boss left. No rest for the weary, but at least it's inside work. Can you imagine being a roofer right now? At least the guys that blow in insulation bring an air cooler and let it run in the attic for a while before they go up there. But a roofer is out in the full heat of it and frying on the shingles...I shudder to think of it.

Y'all take care and I'll be checking out your blogs in a few. Lane


Shirleymac said...

You and Sydney have me really giggling about those Nutcracker teeth. Nutcrackers do look kind of sinister.. I mean they need big teeth because some nuts are really hard to crack. Love your cool quilt. It's so pretty. I love the cool peaches with the green.

Becky said...

Can't wait to see how the teeth turn out! :)

Quiltluver said...

Glad you're feeling better. Sometimes drugs are a wonderful thing. I'll be waiting for some pics of the Nutcracker teeth. I like the way the green colors in your quilt blend into each other. Karen