Too much work, not enough weekend...

Oh, that's how I feel today for sure. What with school errands and cooler weather, my to-do list got shot all to heck. I didn't get to half of the list, but did lots of stuff outside that wasn't on the list. I don't think it was over the mid 90's in our back yard all weekend and we took full advantage of it. I cleaned up the veg garden, getting rid of much of the old stuff to get ready for some fall crops. I plan to dig a trench in the clay and replace it with potting soil and try some carrots again. We got carrots this summer, but they're only about as big as the end of my thumb and we ate them raw in a single sitting.

I did not get back to the cmas quilt last night. One of the errands Sydney and I ran yesterday was to JoAnn's to look for alternate borders. The one I had chosen was a dark red with gold stars. It was nice, but the red was a little overwhelming. I picked up a yard of green and a yard of blue, neither of which worked, so we went back to the red and on second look, it's not too overwhelming.

I'm finally getting caught up on my past issues of quilt magazines. I had 5 that I hadn't read. But, that was a mistake because I found all these great quilts I want to make. I am glad to see the magazines focusing on stash busting. I guess they caught on that money's tight and that stash is getting more important. There's a bears paw on the front of Quilt magazine that I really want for the bed this fall, but with all my UFO's that I'm trying to finish and all the BOM's for this year, I won't get to it until next year, if at all.

And speaking of my BOM's, I didn't make one BOM block in August, and they're all going to issue their Sept patterns tomorrow, so I'll need to devote next weekend just to getting caught up. And, I have the itch to get a quilt sandwich into the machine and get quilting. I have one all set up, but I can't stop piecing long enough to get started. However, I'm expecting a slow week next week and am thinking about taking a day or two off after the holiday. We'll see if I can actually pull that off. It sure would be nice to take two days and just sew and actually get caught up to where I'd like to be on my craft.

Okay, enough griping about what I'm not getting done. It's time to get some paid work done. Y'all have a great Monday. Lane

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Shirleymac said...

I hear you about the yardwork Lane. I've been spending time each day making myself get out there and ready for Fall. So very little has gotten done inside. I did manage to actually piece a quilt though. I only have the border to go.