A little of this and a little of that

Well, I enjoyed my time in the sewing room last night, but I didn't finish any of the blocks I had started. Instead, I made a couple of arcs for the Indian Orange Peel. I have "permission" from my mentor to work on that quilt again as she feels caught up to me (I'm not going to tell her that I'm still really, really far ahead of her. I'm just going to enjoy making sections again.) I sent her two boxes of fabric strips yesterday and she sent me one. Of course, there were fabrics in that one that I hadn't used before, so I had to check it against the strips I'd already picked to see if I wanted to make any substitutions and like any good quilter, of course I did!

Today at lunch, I didn't have plans, so brought my salad to my desk and read a quilt magazine. Now a quilt magazine should last for days, with articles about quilting and about quilters and it should include challenging patterns and fabric eye candy. I finished reading this particular magazine in about 45 minutes. In fact, all 6 of the issues I've received in the last 12 months have been about that good ;-(. I'm not going to say which one it was, but I will say that I did not renew my subscription this year. My biggest complaint? It's all patterns and the patterns are not new. Every pattern in the magazine, except one, was an old pattern made up in new fabrics. Okay, a log cabin block is a log cabin block is a log cabin block and anybody can make one. Don't put one in a magazine just to show off a new fabric line. And, the designers pictures were there under those quilts with smiles on their faces like they'd just published the secret to raising the titanic. (Boy, have I become jaded).

On the other hand, I love Quilters Newsletter Magazine because they do have new patterns and their quilts aren't all just to feature a new line of fabric, but they have a section that does just that. And, they have articles! Articles about quilters and tools that help quilters! I have about 25 years of back issues of QNM and they were just as interesting when I inherited them two years ago as they were when they hit the shelves.

Sydney had a rough day yesterday. First, she brought home three little fish that she caught in the lake yesterday so she could put them in her aquarium. Oh, brother. Rob took them to a river this morning and let them go. Last thing we need is three large mouth bass trying to live in a 10 gallon aquarium. And, she'd ripped off the front of the sole of a brand new tennis shoe from dragging her feet. But, when she told me about taking her shoes off to wander through a stagnant pond, I'd had enough and went to bed. There's just so much eye rolling that even I'm up to.

And, my flower beds were really feeling the heat yesterday. Luckily, today is my water day, so I got started with the sprinkler just after the sun came up and hope to finish with a good watering tonight. 105* is just too much for me and for my beds. But, it does give me something to do and I do love to garden and my beds finally reflect all the hard work I've put into them over the last 10 years.

Today, 105* again. And, tomorrow again. I think I'm starting to suffer from the opposite of sun deprivation. But, just because it's the opposite doesn't mean the effects aren't the same. Crazy!

Y'all take care and I hope your weather is better than ours. See ya' round the net. Lane


Coloradolady said...

Lane, if by the time Sydney turns 18 and all you have to talk about is the time she wandered throught a stangant pond...well my friend...you have it good!! I had to do a lot of eye rolling with my two as well, sometimes it took a bit more than eye rolling!! But...those were the very best of times...and they go by fast! Enjoy them.

It is hot here too, and going to rain, and I was having a garage sale Thurs. and Fri....hopefully, it will just rain this evening and Thurs. will be fine.

Thanks for all your help today...better than gold!!

Becky said...

Wow, that heat is something else. Rick is working in Monterey, Mexico this week and he said last night at 9 p.m. it was still 100*. You have my sympathies, friend. I'm sure that is hard to take day after day....it is totally draining.

There is no happy medium....we are getting rain day after day after day. Wish you could send me some sunshine and I could send you some rain!

Quiltluver said...

Our corporate headquarters is in Houston, and they've been complaining a lot about the weather too. They like to schedule meetings that we have to attend in June or July. They wouldn't think of scheduling any meetings in February or March when we'd like to get out of the cold! I feel for ya. I hate to say it, but we've had the most wonderful weather here this summer. High 70's today, low humidity. Even though I don't like the winter cold, I think I'd hate your summer heat even more. Feel free to remind me how wonderful your weather is in January... :)

Auntie Em said...

I agree with you about the magazines. Quilter's Newsletter is the only one I have ever subscribed to. I keep all the issues and constantly re-read them.

Barb said...

Coloradolady hit it on the head: Be thankful Sydney took her shoes off BEFORE she went into the pond! It could have been worse, right? I don't think I would survive in 100+ temps day after day. I hope it changes soon--but don't send that heat up North, hear? Barb H

oldbatt said...

Sorry about the heat - I have to say here in MN we have had one of the best summers in a long time - cool and not humid - if it was always like this I would stay in MN and not want to move back to Colorado! I love QNM too - have always enjoyed their articles and patterns and I have kept all the back issues I can find at garage sales and thrift stores! Lisa