Sydney's first shooting star

We're getting a good view of the Perseids meteor shower around here. So, this morning, instead of yoga, Sydney and I went walking. We walked yesterday but didn't know the shower was going on and never looked up. But last night was supposed to be the peak, so we were out again at 5:15 and we walked the whole way looking up. It's a wonder we didn't skin a knee as neither of us looked down. She had never seen a shooting star. This morning, she saw about 6. I only saw 3 and we didn't both see the same one. It was great!

Poor city kid. By the time I was 11, I was familiar with shooting stars, but I don't remember knowing they weren't really stars until I was an adult. Surely they told us that in school, but I don't remember it. When I was a kid, we spent a lot more time outside than kids do now. In the neighborhood where I grew up, all the kids had to be at home by dark, but lots of nights, especially when there was company, my family was outside much later.

Now, there's too much to do inside for a kid to be outside at night, and the bugs seem to have gotten worse, but that's probably because we learned we shouldn't be spraying all those harsh chemicals. I remember the mosquito truck going through the neighborhood, spraying a fog of poison and we'd run behind it, playing in the fog...and breathing it in. It's a wonder we survived.

Anyway, I played with the nutcracker's teeth last night. I think I'm just going to have to settle for coloring them in with a pigma. I'm tired of messing with it. I don't do well when I'm working hard, but not making progress, so I'll settle and hope that I learned a little from my first attempt and it's better the second time. (or maybe the third).

Y'all take care and have a great Weds. Today was our day to water (odd addresses on weds/sat, even on thur/sun), so I left the sprinklers going in the beds this morning on their timer. This evening, I'll move it all around and let it run again. It's funny to drive down the street and see all the sprinklers on one side going and the other side not...well, except for those folks that don't understand "mandatory" water rationing. I washed the car this morning and left my windows down, so maybe we'll get some rain today. The weather man says there's a chance, and I'm glad to do my part to increase those odds. Lane


Piece by Piece said...

I love looking for shooting stars. When all of our children were young we camped a lot. Being away from the city lights, most every night we would see at least one while sitting around the campfire. Recently, (four or five years ago), we had a big meteor shower in our area. We were laying on our grandaughters trampoline watching them, lost count of the number we saw.
Our city does not have any water restrictions, even if they did there would be no reason for us to use the water hose this year, we have had rain, rain and more rain. I do have a water butt that I collect water in for the potted plants in my greenhouse.
I hate it when nothing seems to work quite right on a quilt, hope you get your teeth sorted out. Take care. Patricia

kwiltmakr said...

I think they said on our news that tonight Wed. is supposed to be the best night for the metor shower, if it isn't cloudy that is. I am glad you got out and enjoyed it.

Shirleymac said...

My husband was out there looking for them last night. He sleeps out on our deck so if he was awake at the right time hopefully got to see some. He was gone when I got up this morning.

Have you tried a crayon on the Nutcracker's teeth? Try it on a spare piece of fabric first. Don't forget to put a piece of paper, like a paper bag, on top and iron it to set it.