Before there was beer...

There was a kit. I picked up my annual kits this weekend. I picked up one kit for me (Honey Wheat) and one for holiday gifts (Holiday Brew). I think it's going to be a good year. I can feel it. I'm still drinking last fall's batch, and will probably still have beer from that batch long after this kit is ready. As much as I enjoy making it, I just don't drink that much of it. A big night for me is one while I cook. Last year, I made myself an Amber Ale. It was yummy! My holiday beer was a flop, though. Not sure what I did wrong on that, but it was as bad as my very first batch. It was drinkable, but not very tasty. So, next weekend, I'll pull out the kettle and put 3 gallons of water on to boil and then get started making a tasty brew...I hope!

And, I'm going to tempt you with this picture of a resting Santa. I know exactly how he feels. When I should have been adding his last border, I was outside working in the yard. Sydney and I emptied the potting shed, swept, mopped, washed the walls, washed all the stuff that goes back in and put it back. We're both tired and sore, which explains why we only do this every other year. But, everything is "Ship shape and Bristol fashion" as they say. And, we got to spend 6 hours together, listening to the radio. I even let her choose the stations. Then, a shower, and some shopping. Right now she's doing her nails. This little resting Santa is the last block. The quilt is assembled and the first border is on. One more to go and I'll show you the picture of the whole thing. I'd like to be finished by Friday night. I'm thinking about binding the quilt in a red and white stripe, cut on the bias to look like a candy cane. Yummy!
Y'all take care and have a great Sunday evening. Tomorrow is a workday and if I don't get up, I won't be able to. Lane

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Vesuviusmama said...

Love the resting Santa!