gonna get to sewing...

Ughhh! I'm tired of this computer. I've been on it since after dinner last night, getting everything installed. And, I got down to the last thing, my online banking, and I've messed with it for 4 hours only to find out they're down for maintenance until Monday, but their site says they're only down in the overnight of fri and sat. Say what you mean and mean what you say. That's what I say.

So, I'm getting up from the floor and going to the machine. We didn't have much luck garage sale-ing today. I got 9 fq's for $3 and Sydney got a book, but we didn't have much time and Rob wasn't in the mood, so we didn't get to any of the better sale-ing neighborhoods. It was all local and all junk! Well, except an office chair that I got to sit in, but when I asked the price, another sale-er had beaten me to it by minutes...just fractions of minutes. RATSSSSSS.

Okay, enough. Sew, sew, sew. See ya'. Lane

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Shirleymac said...

Your last post brought tears to my eyes... some of it from my own experiences when I was in a school full of cliques. But I did have one close friend and that's all I needed. I still wished I was a popular kid but when I look back I did just fine. Hopefully Sydney will click with even just one other girl and then she'll be fine. You'll be able to tell when she just HAS to have a pink sweater like (place other girls name here). They like to dress alike.

My daughter was a "floater". She didn't hang around with any one set of people but she, luckily, was liked by most people. She refused to be in a clique.. she didn't like the way they treated other people. So she had 2 close friends and that was it. Girls, especially, can be so cruel.

My son is what brought tears to my eyes. He was accepted by no one. He'd hide behind bushes and watch the other kids interacting. They'd tease him. I'd drive by a group of kids talking on a corner, having fun, and I'd cry cause Michael would never have that. But he survived.

With both my kids I read to them, watched TV programs and movies they liked, listened to them.. just spent time with them and that's the most important thing you can do. I know how it breaks your heart sometimes but the love and unconditional acceptance you and Rob give her is what she needs to get through the teen years.

Michael still has social difficulties. I tell him to just say hello to people he passes on the street and then keep walking. He doesn't need to get into a conversation with them.

Sounds like it was pretty chaotic too. Once she gets into a class with the same kids everyday she's bound to bond with some of them.