A really good book

I wanted to blog about a really good book I just finished. It's not about quilting, and even though it focuses on knitting, it's not really about knitting either. It's about friendships. Friendships that form because of the common love of a craft, between people that have little else in common. The name of the Book is The Friday Night Knitting Club and I think that Erin (Vesuviusmama) was the one that recommended it to me on our previous blogsite. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and had trouble putting it down. The cover says it is like Steel Magnolias, set in NY city, and it is reminiscent of Magnolias, where a group of friends, with little else in common, form at a beauty shop. Now, if you knit, you'll understand some of the messages where the author ties life lessons to knitting lessons and if you don't knit, the description of all the wonderful wools and patterns may make you want to pick up a set of needles and get started.

As far as me and knitting, I like it because it's more portable than most of my quilting is, but really, I live in TX...how many sweaters and scarves do I need??? So, I found a great sock pattern, and now I'm making my own socks. And, the pair I showed a couple weeks ago was perfect. As soon as they were finished, I started another pair. I even bought a 25 cent sweater that's made from a very fine cotton yarn that I'm going to take apart and knit into brown socks. I used to be a really good knitter and had gotten into fair isle patterns and lots of cable work, but then I found quilting and my true passion.

On the subject of quilting, I'm on a short break from the Indian Orange Peel quilt to recharge before I start the assembly. All those curved seams are a little daunting. And, I'm down to the last block on the cmas quilt. And, I want to get back to my two UFO tops (a Row Houses quilt from Flavin Glover's pattern and my brown and green Storm at Sea). But at some point, I'm going to have to settle into some actual machine quilting. Unquilted tops are not doing anything but staring back at me, wondering when I'm going to get around to them...and they're starting to stack up. It's either settle into some quilting, or take out a second mortgage for a long arm-er to do it for me. Funny, I got into quilting because I enjoy the quilting part and only pieced to have something to quilt. And, while I wasn't watching, I somehow turned into a piecer.

Y'all take care and have a great day. I have to give a presentation this afternoon that I'm trying not to think about because I'll get nervous and there's no point in spending the whole day with butterflies in my stomach. See ya' round the web. Lane


Shirleymac said...

Thanks for the suggestion for a book. I love to read. Thank you also SO much for the book you mentioned a few posts back. I got it and it fits me a bit but fits my husband majorly. He won't read it because I'm sure it hits too close to home and he really can't handle that.

Nancy-Rose said...

Now you have to go get the next book: "Knit Two" - it's on my shelf of "to reads". I noticed there's a third book in the book store.

I used to enjoy knitting for the boys when they were small - sweaters and mitts. I took up sock knitting last summer in my Psych 1000 class - - it was soooooooooo boring. Knitting in lecture kept me awake!

Quiltluver said...

Thanks for the book tip. I just checked the digital library and they have a audio copy. Yay! I had to put myself on the waiting list though. They also had the sequel, Knit Too. I'll check that out after I've listened to the first book. Audio books make my 45 minute commute so much more enjoyable. Karen

Vesuviusmama said...

I hope the presentation went well!