Shirt quilt

Well, Nancy-Rose has finally given me the bug to make a recycled shirt quilt. So, we went garage sale-ing on Saturday morning after therapy. We don't get the cheap shirts down here at the thrift stores. Down here, almost everybody shops at Goodwill. It's kind of an Austin thing and I'm not sure why. But, the result is that I haven't gotten a men's cotton shirt there for less than $5 in years. So, to make the quilt economical, I'm going to need to do it with garage sale shirts. I picked up three nicely striped shirts on Saturday along with some other stuff. I got a couple of cookbooks and threatened to buy a revereware skillet that was in really bad shape for Sydney to clean ;-). But, then Rob gave out, so we went to lunch and picked up a couple of things that we needed from stores, and tried to convince Sydney that khaki pants would be cooler than jeans (unsuccessfully), and then home.

I made about 10 of the small arcs for the Indian Orange Peel and then switched to an applique nutcracker for the cmas quilt. I got stuck at the teeth. These guys have big mouths and the designer pieced the teeth but also gave instructions for coloring one in with a pigma pen. I colored one and hated it and I machine pieced one that I didn't finish because I hated it, and then I tried to hand piece one...hated it. And then decided to try to applique one. That one turned out okay, but there are lots of lumps and bumps and I'm trying to figure out how to resolve that before I actually attach it to the piece. After that, I cleaned my messy sewing room up and then knitted on a pair of navy socks until time for bed.

Still having trouble moving around today. I thought yoga this morning would work out the stiffness and it did for a while, but then I sat down to eat and it didn't take long for all those muscles to tighten up again. But, I'm at the office for a busy day of helping my boss prepare for his presentation to the big bosses and then therapy and home. I feel an Aleve moment coming on soon. And, he didn't even wait for his laptop to come on before he started asking me to run reports. yippee.

Y'all take care and we'll see ya round the net. Lane


Becky said...

We don't get cheap shirts around here either, Lane.
Glad you had some luck with the yard sales. I feel for you and your back pain, friend. I still am suffering with spasms, even though the pinch problem is gone. Aleve sounds good!
Have a great day.

CapLady Molly said...

Hooray for Aleve!! It is a lifesavr around here. We went to sales also, we had 44 of them, needless to say we ran out of energy and money so we didn't go to all of them. Hope your back gets better real soon.

Shirleymac said...

We can't get cheap shirts where I live either. It cost me $21 to get the number I needed, but still $21 isn't a bad price I suppose for a quilt. Hope your back feels better soon.

Coloradolady said...

I have seen a few of these on line and they really turn out very nice...Goodwill prices here are high too unless you can make it there on their half price day...but then, its really not worth the crowds. It is fun looking for the shirts and planning....right??

Have a great day...rest your back....

DeAnna S. said...

Getting shirts at a garage sale is an excellent idea! A shirt quilt is in my future...but I will have to wait for next spring garage sales..maybe I will be ready by then. Hope your back gets to feeling better soon. As you are experiencing, back pain can be most annoying.