Oops, maybe I bargained too hard

So, we hit just a few garage sales on Saturday and I found my first box of fabric. I sorted through and pulled out all the cottons. There were 9 pieces of fabric and I thought they were all fat quarters. Yesterday, I serged to wash them and they were NOT fat quarters. When I walked up to the guy at the sale and asked how much, he said a dollar a piece. I gave him a skeptical look and said that fat quarters were only a dollar on sale, new at the store (I didn't point out that new, they come without all the dust) and he returned with $3 for the whole bunch. After washing, I measured the fabric and it came out to just over 5 1/2 yards...for 3 bucks! Boy, was I happy. And, only one of the 9 pieces wasn't a really great print and even that one is okay and will make a great background or receding piece in a quilt. It's just not a standout. And, one piece was these great pink and green asian fans that I'm thinking is going to be the focus fabric for a new bedspread quilt for Sydney's room. Her old comforter is wearing thin (it was very cheap and worked fine when she first came to us and we just needed a whole set of linens that was girlie).

Today was the first day of school. She didn't want me to walk to the bus stop with her. She's getting so independent. We got up early, did our yoga, packed lunches and had breakfast and she got ready for school with no prompting. I followed her out the door like a puppy when she went to the bus stop, but she sent me back long before we got to the corner. I'm sure she got on the bus, but I would have liked to be there the first day. And, after she was gone, I thought of a hundred things I could have done to make her first day a little easier, like labeling all those binders she had to lug in. But, by that time, it was too late. Now, she's a junior high school student and I'm sure that the schedule for today will be a little flexible to give her time to figure all those things out.

Her hair looks good. The lady cut it with much more layering so it doesn't just hang down. And, she cut the front at an angle so Sydney will look more like the girl in the movie twilight (Sydney's wish). Of course, I pointed out how that was going to make it harder to keep it all in a ponytail (my wish). I'll try to get a pic up soon. I spent all my time yesterday avoiding first day of school jitters by scrubbing the house. Hopefully, at around noon, I'll be able to get my mind off what and how she's doing and actually give the company some quality time, too.

Y'all take care and have a great Monday. See ya' round. Lane


Coloradolady said...

Ahh...first day of school....I miss those days. I always could hardly wait till the kids got home to start firing questions about how the day went....I usually got the same answer..."just fine" no details.

My daughter pointed out (over the weekend when we were talking about this) that if I had asked no questions...they most likely would have talked about the day a little more. WHA??? I guess, the kids first day is a little overwhelming, and so were the constant questions about their day...
Oh, well...live and learn...I hope Sydney's day is the best...stress free.....and for you too!

Jay said...

The first day back to school for our kids, when they were young was tough on Molly and me. I always felt like I should sneak around and `watch over' them from the bushes. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy but they always seemed so helpless and lost ... at least that's what I thought. But still, they always made it just fine and soon settled into a routine as the norm.
My best to y'all ... as always ... Jay