392 Half square triangles

make 196 half triangle squares, make 49 pinwheels....ummm, sorry. Just doing the math one more time. Over the last two days, I've squared up all 196 of those HTS's and as soon as I get back to my machine, I can make them into pinwheels.

Pictures to follow at 11.

Not really. But, maybe Monday.

First some unfinished business. From Wednesday: I'm not sure I know how to give a child self worth. I know what we've had to do and it's been very hard. We've had to show her what people with self worth look like to model the behavior while at the same time not destroy any value she places in herself by freaking out when she does something really bad. And, sometimes we are more successful than others...

From Thursday, I'm not sure if the pictures will stick together in the train case (that's the favorite name that a commentor called it, so I'm adopting it. i did not like calling it a make-up case) but, they were stored in a cardboard box before and I don't think this will be any worse for them than that was.

NY resolution update:
I did not lose any pounds this week. In fact, I gained one. But, I did not gain it in my middle. It went to my shoulders, and I'm good with that. I wish that instead of setting a goal to lose pounds, I'd set a goal to lose inches in my middle, which I can proudly say is still on the decline, but I didn't measure that at NY. Don't be surprised if I modify the goal, tho.

Finish projects. I did finish that log cabin quilt and then I had to start a new quilt for a baby gift. But, soon as I'm ready to take a break from this one, I'll get back to a UFO. I'm thinking that storm at sea. And, very soon, I'm going to need to get back to the indian orange peel.

Spend time with the family. So, we've been stuck together like glue lately. Next Wednesday, Rob is having his upper teeth pulled and going to a denture. He's been VERY stressed about it and that means the whole family's been stressed by it. I'll be off a couple of days to baby him (and quilt while he naps!)

As for the Minneapolis trip, my boss has assured me that I could do it in my shirtsleeves. That I'll only go outside to get into the hotel shuttle and then from the shuttle to the hotel and back again. But, I ain't buyin it. I'm having the big green coat with the fuzzy lining cleaned.

I help with MN now, so there will be other opportunities to come to Minneapolis in the near future. I'll probably try to do some quilt shopping then. I love to shop in other parts of the country. Seems to me that the shops stock different things and that some of the highest priced things down here are on sale somewhere else.

Okay, I'm off to read the second most boring document we produce in my department. 25 pages of rules and regulations. whopee



Becky said...

Yippee!!!!! You said indian orange peel!!!!!! You did! You actually said it! I can't wait!!!

viridian said...

I'm reading you, I'm hearing you.... I don't know how to teach self-esteem either. Sorry!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm working on HST's at the moment too for a pinwheel quilt. Lost my sewing mojo the last couple of weeks and have to look for it today.

Squaring up 204 HST's was so boring....and I have another 30 or so to do.

lw said...

Lane-- As the mother of three grown ups (one informally adopted) the only thing that I did that worked to build self-esteem is to make sure that each girl got to learn a skill that she could feel good about-- singing, drawing, sewing, martial arts, dancing, whatever-- let Sidney take her pick and support her as much as you can. (So when all else fails, there's still one thing she'll do better than most kids.)Mention it whenever she does something well. When she fails, mention that it shows she was trying, and a it's a bigger failure not to try.

I think modeling self-esteem works even better, so you're already on the right path. (I just wish I'd taken my year off to get build some of my own before I'd had the kids and not after they were grown and out of the nest.)

Shirleymac said...

You're doing great Lane. I don't believe being punished for the bad things affects self esteem. Knowing right from wrong is a skill that every good person needs and we do what needs to be done to help them learn that skill. I once heard that we should say "You must be proud of that." or "That must make you feel good" is a way better statement than "I'm proud of you." They need to hear we're proud of them sometimes but if that's all we ever say then it sets them up to be always trying to meet our expectations, not their own. They need to know that it's good to feel good just for themselves for an accomplishment. Feeling good ourselves about something we've done builds self esteem too.

Sunshine said...

Hi Lane,

oh, how I HATE squaring up blocks, but it just saves so much head-ache later...

I never try to lose weight, because then when you start gaining muscle mass from some kind of activity/exercise you actually gain weight since muscles are denser than fat. So I don't own a scale, but every once in a while I'll take my tape measure - and we quilters all have one of those ;) - and measure waist circumference. Unless I already notice a change from the way my pants fit, haha! I've been ever so much happier since I stopped stepping on the dreaded scale, which varies from morning to evening more than I gain/lose over a week.

Good luck!