Life is a series of abrupt changes in direction. And, it applies to everything from pie to potatoes and kids to quilts.

Saturday, we went into Hancock fabrics for two spools of coats and clark, new leaf, polyester thread. That's all. But they were having a 50% off sale. And, $30 later (the thread was the only thing not on sale) and I was having a happy, smiley quilting day. Suddenly


We took my best friend out for dinner. Everyone was happy and laughing over our Italian food. It was like an Olive Garden commercial, but we weren't at Olive Garden. And by bedtime, Rob was running a fever and sick with a cold. Still sick today. Suddenly.


Yesterday it was beautiful. Way too beautiful to stay in and do the work I'd brought home. I spent several hours starting to clean out the flower beds to get rid of all that froze this year. 80*. Sunshine. Breeze. And, tomorrow, it's supposed to snow. Suddenly.


I had the 16 square within a square within a square blocks for my storm at sea quilt finished and as I was drawing the shape into the diamonds, realized that the quilting did not compliment the piecing and that I liked the top too much to quilt it with something that wasn't working.

So, I started pulling that out and putting in fantastic straight lines that actually draw the eye through the blocks and around the quilt. Now I have to find something that will work like a bullseye to pull the eye into the center of those double square w/in a square blocks.

I was headed in a different direction. Suddenly.

Wonder what will happen today to cause me to choose a different path...change direction.




lw said...

What a lovely prose poem!

I hope Rob feels better soon.

Becky said...

Poor Rob. Hope he is on the mend. But it sounds like you had a nice weekend except for that. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow....but that's nothing new! :)

Riet said...

That was a happy day for stash . Sorry to hear about Bob being not well.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

Go with the flow ... sounds like a good way to be in life. I sure need to get the balance better PS Sorry to hear Bob's come down with something.

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm dizzy trying to follow...sounds like life has been quite a ride lately. Fasten your seat belt, then throw your arms up over your head and scream - it could be fun!