Okay, so I planned on bragging about the puppy and how much better she's doing. There's still some crying when Sydney is out of the room, but for the most part, she's being content with Rob or me, when she can't have the girl.

The puppy doesn't understand posing for a picture yet. These were actually the best two pics of the dozen or so I took this morning. She wiggles too much and is in constant motion.
Speaking of the girl, she's doing so well in school that she's earned another priviledge. She's now getting to wear her hair down. When she first came to live with us, she would lower her hair like a curtain during class and tune the teachers out. So, she had to wear her hair in a ponytail with the threat that if we caught her with it down, she'd lose it entirely. Now, that girl does love her hair, so she'd always been good about keeping it up. Well, she got caught the other day with it down and we found out she's been taking it down soon as the bus turns the corner. So, we talked about how that was a lie, but also that her hair wasn't hurting her grades anymore, so it was okay to wear it down. But, she should have talked to us first.

And, I'm gonna brag about my quilt pounce. The stencil is cut from freezer paper and I just lay it on the fabric, center the pounce on top, tap it once in the center with the tip of my finger, swipe the pounce over it to pick up the extra chalk, and voila! And, that will stay, just that clear through the quilting. I'm going tomorrow to see if they have one with blue chalk that I can use on that blue and white baby quilt that's up next for quilting. I can do so much more complex quilting on it if I can mark it as easy as at tap and a rub. And, the chalk comes off with a gentle rub with a damp cloth. (Thanks, Tammy. I forgot to mention that.)
Down another pound. That's 7 in 9 weeks. Doesn't sound like all that much, but they've been pretty stressful weeks, so I'm very happy and my goal was a pound a week, so not all that agressive. Now, can I lose one this week with my short trip to Minneapolis? Whenever I get together with the group from there, we always eat big and heavy. Guess I'll have to work out extra hard when I get back.
I am at least 40% through quilting the storm at sea quilt. I spent most of this week learning to make stencils and use the pounce, but I'm back on track and expect to get a lot done this weekend. The rest is all curves and lots of free hand, so it should go quick.
Take care. Have a great Friday. Enjoy the weekend. I have lots of quilting planned, but it looks like the weather is going to be nice, so I might choose gardening over quilting. In Texas, 'tis the season between the rain and the heat, which makes it the perfect time to be outside.


Hazel said...

Lane be careful of the blue chalk for the pounce ,I've had a heck of a time getting it out .I've done a little research on the net and others have also had this problem . I love the white chalk its so easy to mark the quilt with the pounce .

Vesuviusmama said...

I've been wondering if I might like a pounce for marking - I'm not much of a marker because I'm 1) afraid of all the work involved and 2) afraid the marks won't come out.

Had to laugh when you said those were the two best photos you've gotten of the puppy - NOT good photos!

Tammy said...

ok, so your new pup is cute but not photogenic. I'm glad Sidney is doing better at school. The quilting pounce sounds very interesting. I hope the chalk comes off the quilt easily when you are done quilting.

Becky said...

Like your pouncing! Glad it is working for you. The puppy is cute...whatever little bit we get to see! Sounds like Sydney is making some good strides...child raising is quite the ride, isn't it!

Riet said...

That is a lovely puppy and aparently it loves Sydney. Of course she loves her hair like every girl does and hers is beautiful. Like you I am still loosing weight Lane. I said I was going to follow you and I am dieting for 8 weeks and lost 8 pounds now, so congratulations to us both don't you think? Now I would love to loose at least 10 more pounds and you? Have a nice weekend

lw said...

I think you handled the ponytail/hair down issue perfectly. Now Sydney knows that you're reasonable and that you care about her.

The puppy photos made me laugh-- you may have to take the puppy on a long walk or wait till she falls asleep to get a good one.

Coloradolady said...

Well, since I don't understand the pounce...I'll comment on the kid and pup....that I do know about! I am proud of Sydney and all her accomplishments....it takes time to get the kinks out for sure!! She is doing a great job as well as you guys!!! And that puppy is so darn cute!! He'll soon get the hang of posing for a treat! Have a great weekend my friend!

Shirleymac said...

I haven't been around much so I had a lot of reading to do to catch up. I'm so glad things went well for Rob and that he is getting used to the denture. That puppy is so darn cute! And I looked back at the picture of Sydney going to the Valentine Dance. She is turning into a gorgeous young woman! She's changed so much from even pictures a year ago and I can see the changes in her when you talk about her. Glad she's come out from behind that hair. I've wanted to try that pounce thing but I have nothing to quilt right now. Glad Hazel mentioned the problems with the blue. I can see that happening... blue is such an odd colour to deal with.