A new rotary cutter blade

Okay, really, is there anything better than a new rotary cutter blade? Okay, maybe new underwear...or jeans that fit just right...or chocolate, but discounting clothes and food, is there anything better?

Sliding the rotary cutter over the fabric without having to push down. The hiss as the blade slices through the fabric.

I am terrible with rotary cutter blades. If I don't hit a pin and nick my blade, I'll use a blade for a year, applying more and more pressure to get it to cut. Eventually, laying all my considerable weight on it, just to cut that last couple of pieces of fabric without having to go to the effort of finding a blade and messing with the screw and then finding a way to dispose of the old blade. (can you tell I got a new blade last night?)

So, long about November of this year, when you're whizzing through all your cuts with that new blade, think of dumb old me, leaning on my cutter and praying that it will make that last cut cuz I'm just too dang lazy to change the blade.

Today's pet peeve: People with "Baby on Board" stickers that speed through school zones. What the @#%%!

Oh, and people that talk on the cellphone in the bathroom and give you a cross wise look because they can't hear when you flush. Listen people, bathrooms are intended for flushing. They are not intended for making cooing noises to your sweetheart or conducting business. And, if you have to use them as a phone booth, don't look at me funny because I'm using the bathroom for its intended purpose. In fact, don't look at me at all...it's a bathroom. I'm never at my best in there!

Okay, so that's enough fun. Time to get back to work. Quilt a lot and pretend I was there. Goodness knows I'm pretending I was anywhere right about now. Lane


lw said...

I love the rants about your pet peeves-- I agree about the cell phones in the bathroom--yikes! When my kids were little, we called the area where you pick them up and drop them off the PPZ for Paranoid Parent Zone. Lots of bad driving, lots of folks dropping off kids and peeling out like the rest of us aren't still dropping off our kids. Or Mom isn't watching what her car is doing because she's breaking up a fight in the back seat. I still drive those areas like a mine field.

You wouldn't want to be here, either. It's too serious when we're running up to a design review.

Shirleymac said...

*LOL* I have to admit I've never heard anyone using a cellphone in the bathroom. They've been banned in cars though, thank goodness, without the hands free option and new drivers aren't allowed to use even the hands free. People these days don't know how to just be alone... always have a phone stuck in their ear.

I thought there was a new rotary cutter that has a pop out blade so you don't have to fiddle with the nut but I can't find it on the Olfa site. I could never get mine back together properly no matter how I try. I had a lady come in one day at the shop and buy a new rotary cutter. She was afraid to change the blade in case she'd cut herself so she just bought a whole new unit each time!

Quiltluver said...

Yeah, you're right. Getting a new rotary blade makes you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Kind of like (for me) getting a haircut when I've waited way too long, and I look like a new person the next day.

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm laughing out loud about your bathroom rant! And I'm right there with you with regards to the rotary cutter blade. I'm a combination of lazy and cheap - never a good combination, and I'll throw out my shoulder trying to cut with a dull blade before I bother changing it. Good for you for putting a new one in there. Maybe I should do the same.

Pokey said...

Oh, yeah, I love a new blade. You had me laughin' on this post, so I wanted to share the smile!

ShelleyK said...

I'm with you on the cell-phone-in-the-bathroom issue. It happens in the ladies' room too & drives me nuts!