Go see it if you like sci-fi and/or romance because they're served up in equal measure along with a good courageous hero story. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to cheer.

But, it did take most of the day.

6 pinwheels to go. Will post pictures soon. The weather outside looks frightful for some of you out there. Stay warm or keep your feet out of the mud, whichever applies for you right now.

Had a really good family day, doing fun stuff and spending a lot of time working on a neglected science project. We let her manager her own time and she's seeing that. Won't admit it...instead, says she hates science, and we know that's not true. But, she's trudging along. She was happy that she got to type it on her computer in her room as she's getting priviledges back for good behavior.



lw said...

I saw Avatar in 3-d, and the three hours passed so quickly! I loved the parts where it looked like I could reach out and touch the alien flowers and trees.

Tell Sydney that science pays really well, and it's one of the few fields where women are not underpaid compared to their male coworkers. In aerospace, you could be a three-headed space alien and as long as you pull your own weight, no one cares. I've got coworkers of every color, gender (and some in between genders), old, young, straight, gay, grumpy, kind, healthy, disabled-- it doesn't matter. Respect is earned by your work, and whatever other attributes you have may make you more interesting, but have no effect on your ability to work.

Patricia said...

I am the mother of five (all adults) and have 6 grandchildren (I really often can't believe I am that old), but anyway, I want to tell you it "gets better". By the time they are 30, you really, really like them :-)