Quilter's World magazine

Hey, does anybody subscribe to Quilter's World magazine? I'm looking for a review. I signed up for a subscription based on the terrific flyer I got in the mail without asking any questions. Today, I got my first issue (february) and I am pretty disappointed. If you've subscribed for a while, please tell me whether this is a bad issue or if this is indicative of their work.

It's a kind of a knock-off of F/P Love of Quilting. The articles are even in a similar order.

And, what's up with quilt magazine editors??? You can't just take an old pattern and remake it in a new colorway or a different designer's fabric and call it NEW and EXCITING. That is not what it takes to be new and exciting.

My favorite magazine is QNM, but I recently found out they've been taken over by the same folks that produce F/P, so when it was time to renew, I only renewed for one year in case they change their format.

Now, I have back issues of QNM that were handed down to me from the 80's and 90's when that magazine was changing what was happening in quilting. It might get so bad that I have to pull one of those old issues out every month and pretend they're new. After all, I've only read them once.

Thanks for any input you can provide, even if you disagree with me. I'm always open to have my mind changed by the thoughts of others.


If this isn't your first time to read this post, you'll notice it changed a lot. I guess I let a little more emotion out than this really warranted...;-b


lw said...

I took a look at the Quilter's World website, to see the features in the April issue, and it seems like it would be a good magazine for someone who has never quilted or has just started. I wouldn't say the quilts are ugly so much as unsophisticated. They all seem to be part of the latest asthetic trend toward faux vintage/bright colors that don't match.

I think that's why I read quilter's blogs. The storm at sea quilt you posted is a lot more inspirational to me (familiar pattern, non-traditional colors and flow of colors, great execution)than most of what I see in magazines.

I wonder if there's a magazine for more advanced quilters?

kwiltmakr said...

I just look at the magazines at the rack in the store. I had noticed that some of them have the same quilt they in a magazine a few years ago too. I know there are a lot of talented people out there with fresh new ideas that would love to have a quilt in a magazine. Why don't you submit one Lane? Your good at quilting, I bet you could do it.

Qubie said...

I got mine in the mail yesterday and in 2 mins I was done with it. Not my fav.

Shasta said...

I've gotten magazines that disappointed me, and others that thrilled me. Don't remember which ones are which. I think Quilter's World is probably more traditional than your tastes. Have to try different ones to see what fits.

Stephanie said...

I don't subscribe to any mags anymore. The only one I buy regularly is Quiltmania, available at bookstores and some quilt shops. They cover the gamut (sp?) from antique to contemporary and they attend shows in europe and japan, taking pictures everywhere. And, they will have a few patterns but, I get it for the photos.