Back to bed

Cover my head
Ain't nothin' goin' right
But, I'm hangin' on tight
And I ain't gonna cry no more, no more
I ain't gonna cry no more.

Good grief, this has been the worst two days and it's only 9 o'clock. Yesterday started bad and quickly went downhill. Someone found an error I made in a document that was going to a state agency. I asked where a co-worker was because all her personal items are missing from her desk and turns out she's AWOL and several times during the day yesterday, I got called in for questions and information that I didn't need, cuz I don't care, except that I'm jealous of the "balls-iness" that it takes to walk away from a good job in this economy. I was supposed to present in a meeting yesterday and that co-worker I talk about that drives me crazy stepped over me every time I opened my mouth and presented "for me". And, through all that, I kept my "glass half full" smile on.

But, last night I was in a hurry and cooking in my work clothes and a zip lock full of shrimp, and onions and olive oil exploded at the bottom and got everywhere...and I mean everywhere. There's even oil on my car keys that I hurriedly left on the counter. At that point, after being a good boy and stuffing all my frustration inside all day, I shouted "This has been the worst day!" (expletive deleted) and padded off to change my clothes so I could get the olive oil in the wash, while my poor family kept quiet as mice and moved quickly out of my way.

And, as if fate just had to get in just one last jab, the new recipe for citrus marinated shrimp on a bed of pasta and fresh orange sections that I was cooking for supper was dry, and only the shrimp had any flavor and I got to watch my family pick at it and make faces when they put it in their mouths. At that point, all I could do was laugh and tell them what good sports they were being, which broke the tension. They know they normally get better food, and sometimes have to eat one of my mistakes. It balances out in their favor. And, after I had introduced the topic, they could tell me honestly what they thought of the dish. Probably won't be making that one again.

This morning, everything is going well, and I'm uploading these pics and remember my oily clothes and don't want to run them through the dryer, so I bring them to the sewing room and move the three legged ironing board that has my laptop on it, and my laptop falls and breaks the screen. crap, Crap! CRAP!!! That's gonna cost a small fortune to fix.

I was almost afraid to drive to work or take Syd to summer camp. I'm just not sure it's safe for me to be out of bed. Seems the whole city is in danger.

But, I did want to show pics of this old lovely. It was made by one of my maternal great-grandmothers. We don't know which. It has been loved to death. In each block, the half square triangles that are nearest the sashing are cut from the same loosely woven, but heavy brown cloth. Those old brown dyes were made with iron and the iron rusts and the fabric breaks down, especially along the fold lines. And, apparently, it was folded the same way and stored for several years, so the fold lines are really in bad shape. It has a beautiful assortment of vintage fabrics. I'd like to say that one day I'll repair it, but unfortunately, it might be in too bad shape for that. This might have to be one that is carefully stored for the rest of my time and maybe the next person will be able to bring themselves to cut it and make something newly useful out of it. I can't, but I know that other people do.

Here's a closer shot. I think some of these are drapery weight fabrics, but most are just colorful cottons from the 40's and 50's.

And, I'm sure it kept my relatives warm for a very long time before it got into such bad shape.
This was a very popular pattern in N Louisiana where I grew up. I have two quilts in this pattern from my Mom's side of the family. And I know my Mom used it to make a quilt for my sister. And, from my paternal great grandmother, I have another in the same pattern, but with the pieces cut much smaller, so that there are more rows of squares within each block.

And, because even on a bad day, I'm trying to look for the silver lining, the presentation that I gave on Tuesday was approved to move on to the next stage. And I'm celebrating that, even though it means I'll have a lot more work to do as it moves through the process for final approval. Hey, having stuff to do makes the work day pass faster. We're going to a quilt show in New Braunfels, TX this weekend and after the show, taking the small town route home to visit our favorite antique shops. Of course, I don't have any money BECAUSE I HAVE TO BUY A STUPID LAPTOP SCREEN. But I'm not bothered bothered bothered. I'll be fine. I'm sure I will.

It's everyone around me I'm worried about.

Take care and maintain a safe distance. Lane


Becky said...

Oh Lane, so sorry this is a "rough patch" for you! It's days like the ones you describe that makes us appreciate the good ones even more!! Enjoy the weekend and I'll be praying that things go smoother!
Love ya!

Auntie Em said...

Ouch! Sounds like a lot of bad luck. Sorry to hear it Lane. Hope the weekend turns it all around for you.
The antique quilt is a beauty!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I feel like the darn universe is attacking me sometimes too. St times like that there's nothing for it but to do something you enjoy like buying something nice to break the spell. Seriously. Treat yourself and laugh at the universe.

I think it's fabulous that you have a quilt like that. I couldnt cut it either. Just owning it and being able to stare at it would be enough for me. My entire family are "throw it out" people and I dont have anything handed down excpet a couple of pieces of jewellery.

LV said...

I am glad I am not only the one that has days like this. Welcome to my club. I love that old quilt. However, I love all quilts old or new. It is a shame someone did not take better care of it. Trust your days get better. I hate to admit it, but Coloradolady is my niece.

Quiltluver said...

Ughhh, hope the weekend turns out better for you!

Coloradolady said...

Lane, it must be in the Texas air...maybe this tropical storm will blow all the worries away....sorry your week has been so bad...believe me, I have plenty of them!

Now about that comment my aunt left above....that is another matter entirely!!

Have a great weekend...enjoy your quilt show....sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend!

lw said...

Good heavens! What a terrible couple of days!! When I get a bad spell like that, I break it by donating money to one of my favorite dog rescues. It may not help me, but at least it helps the dogs.

Hope your quilt show is good. I went to comic con today, but the Long Beach Quilt Festival is tomorrow, unless I get called in to work, in which case you can consider that your bad luck has passed to me.

Michelle said...

Sorry you had such a couple of crappy days! Surely it's got to get better here. Nowhere to go, but up, right?

Thanks for sharing that lovely family heirloom! Such a pretty quilt. That quilt is like an old lady who has given an uncountable number of hugs to her family. Very precious.

Vesuviusmama said...

Sorry to hear about your string of bad luck, but glad to hear that is seems to have passed.