Esther and flowers with a bad rep

Hey, everybody. Yesterday when I posted the picture of my new travel iron that I bought to go with my featherweight, Tammy wanted to see a pic of the machine, too. So, here's my little Esther. I just love her. From that little clicking sound she makes to the slightest smell of old lubricant when she heats up. She makes a great stitch and my only complaint had been that my generic quarter inch foot didn't fit her (or any of my Singers) quite right and gave me a slightly wider seam allowance. But, I bought some tiny washers and slipped them between the foot shank and the presser foot shaft and it moved the foot over by about a 16th of an inch and fixed that. And, that's my little iron in front. Someone asked if it was heavy. Not at all. Should be perfect to go with this little machine.

Now, here's a question for you. Why do artificial flowers have such a bad reputation? I love to have flowers in the house. But, I could never afford an arrangement like this made out of fresh flowers every week. I wish I could. But, if I cut something like this out of my beds every week in the summer, I wouldn't have any flowers in the yard at all. And, fresh flowers are so fragile and they don't last long and they're expensive to buy. I'd rather keep my yard flowers where they are so they can last longer and I go out to see them every day instead of bringing them in to see me.
Maybe artificial got a bad rep when they were plastic. Or maybe it's because so many people used them and let them get dusty. Or maybe they remind people of their grandmothers. I don't know the reason. But, I know that over the years, I've taken a huge amount of grief over my artificial arrangements. This arrangement is in its third life. It started as a small bunch of blue, orange and green to match the colors in the sofa in my sewing room. Then, I doubled the number of flowers and made a big arrangement in a tall goblet shaped vase that had a tall pedastal (don't you just love Hobby Lobby half off?) But, that got too tall and now it's been disassembled and put back into a bowl and has been moved to the living room, where it adds a burst of color, especially when you see those purple curtains in the dining room in the background. Who's afraid of color? Not us. And, remaking it periodically keeps it from getting dusty.

Okay, that's just about it for the day. Rob's co-workers do a Hawaiian shirt day every Friday and I decided to participate this week. Now, my co-workers are talking about starting theme days. That would be fun. Then, I wouldn't be the only person around that's wearing a dark blue shirt with red, orange, green and light blue hula girls and lei's on it. Oh, and it goes so well with my red Converse. A great day to be dressed funky because it's been raining around here so long that everybody is tired of gray and everyone wants to get outside.
But, in an area that lives under a perpetual drought, interrupted by brief periods of intense flooding, it's not considered good manners to ever complain about rain.
Take care and have a great Friday. Lane


Shirleymac said...

I think fake flowers got a bad rep when they were plastic (and yes dusty). My bil lives in northern BC where you never know if it's going to freeze overnight even in the summer. Friends of his have silk flowers in their hanging baskets and you can't tell they aren't real. I have an ivy on top of my kitchen cupboards. I found out one day my son had been watering it every week *LOL* It does look real. Your arrangement is lovely. And I love the Hawaiian shirt Friday - good idea.

Tammy said...

Thanks so much Lane! You know how I love vintage sewing machines. Esther is a real beauty and your travel iron goes perfectly with her.

As far as artificial flowers go...your house bouquet is wonderful. I work in a scent free office, several of my co-workers have politically correct artificial flowers on their desks. The old plastic ones were tacky, the silk flowers are lovely.

Piece by Piece said...

Lane, your flower arrangement does look lovely, and silk flowers are hard to tell from the real, but, silk does not have any smell!
My house is full of plants, small and a large one that reaches to the ceiling, and there is always a vase of flowers somewhere in the house. We don;t have to worry about being scent free in my house.
Have a great day.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I do not have artificial flowers in my house but I dont vilify those who do. Yours doesnt look grandma at all.

My Lola loves artifical flowers and managed to destroy every arrangement I had when she was a puppy. (She also has a thing for rubber but that's another story )

And living in Australia, where we have just had the worst drought ever in our history we arent allowed to complain about rain either, so I hear ya .

Esther is a cutie! She has a personality all her own.

Quiltluver said...

I can't have fresh or fake flowers in the house. The cats think it's their personal mission to systematically destroy any arrangement I have. I think fake flowers are fine as long as people clean them periodically. I think that's where the bad rap came from--old dusty, dried flowers or ugly plastic ones.

lw said...

I think the bad rap is mainly a fashion trend that started with feng shui. Apparently, it's better feng shui to have real flowers. Probably all started by florists.

Esther is beautiful.

Rhoda said...

I have silk flowers in my house, too. Not a lot, but some. I'm exactly like you - I like my flowers outside and rarely cut them, except peonies and an occasional rose. I don't buy the fresh ones - I'd rather put that money into a perennial. I also have african violets and other green plants.

Elizabeth said...

I can never bear to cut flowers out of my garden either for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. They're so pretty out there, why bring them in? I even have a 'cutting garden' in a spot that nobody sees, not even me, unless I walk around to find it, but I still can't cut them and bring them in. They belong outside. LOL.