More quilt pics

Okay, so things aren't really getting better. I got the very expensive laptop screen replaced last night and found out there's also a problem with the hard drive. If I buy another hard drive, I will have spent as much on replacement parts as the cost new of the laptop. Today, I sent it to our friend that works on computers for a living. He's going to check whether the hard drive is the only other thing. If there's nothing else, then maybe it's worth it as the laptop was brand new. If there's something else, it's time to just quit and start shopping for a new one.

At this point, I can either start shouting bad words. Or, I can just refuse to acknowledge any more of my own misfortunes. I am officially in an extreme state of denial. I mean it. Anybody that brings me a problem is going to get nothing in return but a blank stare. I swear.

I have tried counting my blessings, but every time I get to number 6, my mind drifts to problems. 1)Rob, 2)Sydney, 3)my health, 4)my good job, 5)Bella, 6)money in the bank. At this point, I go from money in the bank for our vacation to "need a new laptop" and it all falls apart. Because, when I get to money, need new carpet, need a new deck, and need to paint the kitchen start to invade my thoughts. Grrrr.

So, instead of thinking about any of that, I absorbed myself in work and music yesterday and last night it was cooking, and computer repair. This morning, looking through the quilt show pics to see whether my pictures were good enough to share (and some hand quilting of my own. I forgot how relaxing that is!). And, after that, it was back to work and more loud showtunes.

This quilt is from the group Theme Quilt. It is named Summery Mystery 2005 and was made by Vi Eng.

Now, this quilt stopped us all in our tracks. I studied it and cannot figure out what all she did to create this three dimensional quilt. I know some of it was trapunto, and I think the beard was quilted and then stuffed, but at any rate, it was a real stunner and this was the best pic I got. It is called Santa Baby and was made by Sarah Huie.

These next two quilts are from the Senior Quilts category. The maker had to be of a certain age, which was published in the book, but I'm not gonna share it on the internet. Because I value my life.

You might recognize this quilt as I made one just like it. This was the store sample that intrigued me and "talked me into" buying the kit. It is called Cascade and was made by Fay Cooper.

And, this one is Mexican Star by Sandra Jackson. I love the curve she created by folding back the edges of the white fabric to expose the blue.

And, one other I wish I had gotten a better picture of was Benji's Jacobean Christmas by Patricia James. Beautiful quilt!

Okay, just from looking at these quilts again, I came up with blessing number 7. Having a friend who's willing to work on my computer for the price of taking him to lunch. That one is really a blessing.
Take care and I'll let you know if I can find blessing number 8 later in the day. I know it's there and hopefully, trying to find it will help me pull out of my funk.


Becky said...

These quilts are beautiful. That Santa is way cool! I hope things begin on an upswing soon!

Shirleymac said...

I love the Jacobean one best. It is hard to count blessings when we are feeling weighed down by something we had assumed would be resolved by now. But keep looking around you and they will come to you. Hope your computer can be fixed by your friend.

Michelle said...

You are sabotaging yourself. You've got those pissed off about the laptop brain chemicals going and applying it to other things.

You really do have many blessings. The things that you equate with needing money--needing to paint the kitchen, new carpet, new deck--those are wants not needs. I agree that it is aggravating not to have the money to do things like that, however, I don't think you would be thinking this way if you didn't blame yourself for dropping the laptop. This is your way of punishing yourself. However, not only does it make you miserable, I bet it ends up punishing your family too. They love you and want you to be happy.