Quilt folding time

I heard somewhere in my years of quilting that we're supposed to refold our quilts every six months. I try to do this in the first two weeks of January and again in the first two weeks of July.

That means it's time to clear out some space, empty the cabinet I store my quitls in, unfold each quilt and refold it in a different way. I always fold all the quilts the same way, so it's easy to figure out which way to fold them next. Sometimes, it's in half, in half again and then in thirds. Sometimes, it's thirds, thirds again and then in half. I even figured out one time how to fold in fifths and then thirds and then halves.

All this is to relieve the stress on the quilts where they are folded. So, I try to always think of new ways to fold that will give different fold lines. I have one vintage quilt that has lost all the small squares along the center fold lines in both directions. I don't want that to happen to any more of my quilts.

It's also a good time to launder and repair a quilt or two. I have two bed size quilts that each have a small tear in one piece of white muslin. This year, I hope to get both those tears repaired by hand sewing a replacement patch on top. I'm hoping for invisible repair, but sometimes my invisible work isn't as invisible as I'd like it to be.

I store my quilts in a wood armoire and I know that's a really bad way to store them. So, this year, I hope to line the space with a sheet to protect the fabrics from the wood. At some point, I want to invest in archival boxes for them, but that level of detail usually escapes me...always plan to do it, but never quite get around to it.

And, it's just good for the soul. I love to pull out all that fabric art and run my hands over it. I delight in both the things I've made and the vintage things I've inherited or bought. And, it's a great time to take photos, so maybe there will be some good pics coming up.

My goal is to start this weekend and finish next weekend. But, we'll have to see. The refolding is the easy part. I can do that during TV. It's the ones I decide to launder this time and the ones I'm going to repair that will take the time. And, this way, I can do the laundering a little at a time instead of trying to wash 20 quilts (that's just a guess) in a single weekend.

Yesterday was a bad day. And, today, I'm having a little trouble shaking it. The day got out of my control somewhere around 3 and I didn't rein it back in until about 6. And a ton of stuff happened in just that three hours. So, I'm keeping my head down today. Circling the wagons. I'm seriously in my cubicle, head down, about to turn on the music and disappear into the work. And, hopefully the day will pass quickly. And uneventfully.

Y'all take care and enjoy the day. I'll be trying my best to ward off the bad luck voodoo. Lane


Piece by Piece said...

You have just reminded me that I should refold my quilts, I don't have 20 or more, just five so I can be done in no time.
Hope today is going better than yesterday and you are having better luck.

lw said...

I need to take out my quilts and fold them, now that I've read this. I can use the opportunity to see if I want to enter any of them in PIQF; the friend I am going with called to ask me to enter the contests.

I had a bad day at work yesterday, too. Hope yours is better today.

Cynthia L. said...

Hope your day is much better today. One thing to look forward to is the 3 day weekend! Hope you have something fun planned for the 4th of July! Perhaps it will bring your spirits up. I had never heard of the refolding thing - it makes good sense. I will be spending some time refolding mine this weekend!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I've read this before too , but since I give away most of my quilts and variously use the rest I've never had to do it. (and I'm nowhere near as prolific a quilter as you Lane !)

I think there is something in the air at the moment - I'm a little off too. Hope you shake your funk and enjoy your weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Hope today is better than yesterday :D.
xo -E

Shirleymac said...

I've heard that we should always fold our quilts in thirds. That way we never fold in the same place twice - theoretically - being a perfectionist mine would have to be folded exactly in thirds which means they'd all be folded the same way again. Another suggestion was to use long cardboard tubes and roll them rather than fold.. or use one of those swimming noodles covered with a sheet to protect the quilt. I've never done either but I'm great at remembering what I should do. Have a great weekend Lane. Enjoy yourself and your family.

Sunshine said...

How do you launder your quilts? Not the heirlooms/old quilts, but the ones made within the last decade - washing machine? Front loader? Gentle cycle? Hang to dry or dryer on cold? I have instructions for old old old quilts, that sound like you'd break your back doing it by yourself (in the bathtub, with a large sheet to lift the wet quilt out - I can only imagine the weight - then to be spread out and covered with another sheet on the lawn... and I guess stand guard to keep birds from leaving their droppings). Sigh. There must be another, easier way!