Other people's UFO's

What was I thinking???? Last year, I started so many projects. And, this year, I committed to finish them. So, why was I buying other people's UFO's at the New Braunfels quilt show? I couldn't help myself. I got these at the guild booth and each was $1

This first one is a tumbling blocks quilt and even though you can't really see it in the picture, the background is dark blue and the purple and blue print tumbling blocks are just vivid and wonderful.

And, these cmas trees. She had 3 finished and 4 more cut and I got the pattern and the templates.

But, the one I really lucked on came from an antique shop we stopped in on the way to lunch. The shop was huge and my two poor breakfast tacos had worn off. My stomach was growling. And, this shop was really big. So, by the time we circled around and got back near the front door, I wasn't thinking clearly. And, I bargained the seller down and bought this for $12.

Inside it were these. Even though the box says 108, I counted 110. They probably were originally meant to finish at 3.5 inches.

They are the cutest, tiny 4-patches set in yellow QST's and a red border. I'm going to sash them together, maybe with cornerstones. We debated sashing color. Any suggestions? I thought blue, Rob and Sydney thought pink or brown. After I square them, I think they'll probably finish at 3". Some of them are kind of...rectangle. That's it.

Now, here is the most fun part of this story. We get to the German restaurant for lunch and are seated and sipping our tea and I start counting my blocks. And, I hear a lady at the next table talking about the blocks and then, she asked a question, and I handed over blocks and we looked at them, and we found out that one of the ladies was the President of the Bryan, TX quilt guild. I found these patterns at the bottom of the box and we started passing them and before I knew it, the pres of the guild was on the phone with the library, trying to date the paper that the previous owner cut her templates from. Turns out that one of the templates has a two digit phone number for an insurance agency and an address and she had a librarian look it up and that town hasn't used two digit phone numbers since 1924. Okay, so that's just one piece of paper that might be that old. And, it doesn't mean the blocks are that old...but what if they are? I'm certainly not going to try to date anything and ruin this intrigue. I love a good story better than the truth. I wish we had exchanged more information. As we drove home, I wished I had given them my blog name. But, we didn't and it turned out to be one of those chance encounters between quilters.

Funny thing, the finger work I took for the drive was packed into a newer Whitman's sampler tin. I guess the idea that quilters recycle isn't a new one.

The quilt show was huge. Much bigger than we expected. And, I took lots of photos and had a better organization system so I can link names and quilts together and credit the maker in the post. I didn't spend too much money, just some fats and hand dyes and a few yards that were really cheap at the guild table. I'm using Rob's laptop. My new screen should be on the way. And, it did cost as much as Christmas.
Take care and hope you're having a nice weekend. My string of bad luck seems to have ended. At least I hope so. Well, except for the heat. We saw Lucifer buying ice on the way home.


Coloradolady said...

LOL.....Lucifer needed ice cream because he was on our backs all day as we moved my daughter back home for a brief time....then to Austin.....ugh...I am too old for this stuff!

I'd say you had a wonderful day, and I love those blocks...and I agree with Sydney, I think brown would look wonderful!!! I have seen the trees online before and was trying to figure out the pattern, you will have to let me know how hard they are..and did it come with a pattern name???

You really did well today with all your finds!! So glad you guys had a great day...I thought about you as I was chasing Lucifer off my back!!! LOL

Coloradolady said...

.....should have said then to Austin in a few weeks....we did not make it today!

vivian said...

Wow-what a great find!! I like the brown sashing idea. :)

lw said...

I love the blocks-- I agree with Sydney that a brown (or neutral) sashing would be good, but because of the red and yellow, I'd be tempted to put blue in for the corner blocks.

What a pretty, happy quilt that will make!

I went to the Long Beach Quilt Festival and spent a lot of money on tools (rulers, notions, etc.) and only a little bit on fabrics-- blues and golds with metallic thread/sheen. I'm taking a class at PIQF in October from John Flynn and I'll be using these fabrics. I can't wait. I also put some money into a raffle for a white featherweight (couldn't resist, even though I have one.)

Now I'll be waiting to see what you do with the found blocks.

Leah Day said...

Oooo...I LOVE the tumbling blocks! All you have to do is just smack them on that background, applique them down and then go to town with beautiful filler designs.

*Sigh* Why do I only ever find old, unusable thread at antique stores when I shop!?

And I might as well put my two cents in with the 110 blocks: I say go yellow for a super bright quilt or black if you want to tone it down.

Good luck with all the new projects!

Leah Day

Vesuviusmama said...

Oh, I've bought other people's UFOs, too. I love feeling the connection with another, unknown quilter. Have loads of fun finishing them up!

Quiltluver said...

Sounds like you had a great day. For my 2 cents on the red blocks, I'd find a really cute polka dot fabric for the sashing to jazz it up a bit. Perhaps a stripe for the binding.

Elizabeth said...

Totally laughing about Lucifer buying ice cream. That is the funniest visual.

Those blocks are really awesome! I don't have a suggestion for sashing color except don't go with pink. I loved hearing about your adventures today.

xo -E

Pauline said...

What a day! You just started me on my next Leaders/Enders quilt with the tiny blocks!(credit Bonnie Hunters for this idea) Excellent way to use some of my small pieces and the colors are great. I made Bonnie's Irish Chain with the leader/ender method using scraps. It was painless! Thanks for the pictures and the inspiration.

Becky said...

I like the brown idea as well.....although the turquoise in the block of the upper row far right also caught my eye. It will be a bright, sunny, happy quilt! Looking forward to the quilt show pics!

Becky said...

Oh what a WONDERFUL find and your additional "lunch" helpers are probably still discussing your blocks. I think I would choose blue for sashing myself since blue is in the centers. Enjoy them!

Piece by Piece said...

What a wonderful day you all had. I can't decide what colour you should use, I am sure what ever you choose will look great, as always.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Shirleymac said...

*LOL* About the ice. What great finds especially those 4 patches and what fun at the restaurant. There's nothing like finding strangers to share things with that give you that immediate bond. Glad you enjoyed your day.