hand quilting pics

Here are a few pics we took out of the hand-quilting category. I'm having to admit that I am NOT a photographer. My hand shakes too bad and I ended up with a bunch of really bad pics. So, apologies to anyone who made a beauty that I can't post my picture of.

This is Honeybunny's Garden Quilt by Brenda Goggans, master quilter.

And, this is Aunt Grace's sampler by Fawn Kunnermann, master quilter.

And, here are the stamps we got to enter. Couldn't resist this shot of our wrists.

Funny thing, after my two bad days last week, we got to the show and everything I encountered, I bumped into and/or knocked over. It got to be comical after a while. I even bumped into some of the display quilts as I was trying to take pics. Sydney threatened to report me to the quilt police. But, I think they could tell how bad I was feeling about it and wouldn't have bothered me too much.

We had a great time and yesterday was all about our local shopping and chores. I should have devoted some of yesterday's time to these pictures BECAUSE I HAVE THE CRAPPIEST CAMERA SOFTWARE EVER WRITTEN! and everything takes forever. So, I'm out of time for today and looking forward to getting to work so I can sit still and rest some. I logged 7000 steps on Saturday and another 8000 yesterday and even though I'm a walker, walking the dog every day except trash day (because trash day stinks in summer), my legs are sore. I'm trying to build up to an average of 10k steps per day, but that's harder than I thought. Yesterday is my highest number since I started tracking it a couple weeks ago.

Take care and have a great week. We'll see ya' round the web. Lane


Becky said...

Aaacccckkkk! As a hand quilter, I am duly humbled.

Barb H said...

Thanks for posting the pix. I really like the bunny quilt. Hmmmm, could I do something like that? I hope this week begins the end of the streak of negative energy in your life. :)

Vesuviusmama said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to see photos of hand quilting - it seems all you see out there these days is machine quilting, and as a handquilter, I know that I can't even dream of doing some of these things that are done by machine. These photos give me something more reasonable to aspire to. Have a great Monday!

lw said...

Love the bunny! Seemed like the Long Beach quilts ran very heavily to art quilts, which are my least favorite type; I tend to prefer traditional quilts. They did have some lovely old quilts, though, one from 1940's and one from 1880's.