Blessing number 8

Sydney offered to do the dishes. Well, not exactly offered, but when I told her to take her plate to the kitchen, she said, "I'm doing the dishes." I guess in 12-year-old-speak, that counts as an offer.

Behind her back, Rob silently mouthed: You're welcome
Me: What brought that on?
Rob: I've put a small explosive in her dog and I'm holding the detonator.

Hey, ya' know? Whatever it takes. I'm good. And, now I have a half hour to kill. What will I do.

I hear a quilt calling.



Patricia said...

Thanks for your comment Lane! I can tell if you lived close we would be good quilting buddies. What about a class? There is a blog that I follow and she is having a dyeing class--she lives in Austin as well (that is where you live right?). Her blog is on my sidebar "A stitch in Dye".

BTW--I am not even sure if I would take a toothbrush---that would guarentee I could spend some quality time alone!!!! :-)

Sunshine said...

Did you truly stop quilting after 1/2 hour? Honestly??? :)

Coloradolady said...

I like Rob's concept....way to go!!