Six Hundred?????

SIX HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!

I was intimidated when I saw that this morning. 600 half triangle squares that finish at 1.5 inches.

But, when I started cutting and sewing, they really went fast. Love that easy angle ruler. And, I pressed my strips together before cutting the triangles and that makes them cling to one another and so much easier to handle.

I'm at approximately 330 now. And, I haven't been working at them very long.

I spent most of the day putting that white featherweight back together. It went perfect! It's almost silent and makes a beautiful stitch. Next, the case. There's some repair work there and then I hope to move that to someone that will love it.

And, I think I might have thought of someone to sell that serger to. It was too good a deal to pass up and I've been waiting for someone to come along that needs one and I can give that great deal to.

Today was Sydney's first day of holiday break and she and I went to do a bit of shopping and then out to a lunch, just us. We had a really nice time and she picked up a few crafty things so that she'll have stuff to do other than watch TV and play video games while she's out of school.

Hope you had a great Friday. I'm off to bed so I can get up early and whip out those other TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY half triangle squares.



Unknown said...

Hey Lane,

Did I read that correctly - you're wanting to SELL the white featherweight???

If so, I have a buyer in mind - ME!

If not, enjoy that beauty and her perfect stitch.



marlene@ByTheSeam said...

That is a lot of half square triangles. I would be a bit over whelmed as well. Glad Sydney got some crafty things to do while she is on break. Good to be busy and not watch too much TV. Have a Holy Happy Christmas.

Coloradolady said...

your method must be quicker than mine!!!! This seems to be taking me forever, just to get ready to sew!! Glad you and Sydney had a great day!!! Have a great weekend.

Irene Onderweegs said...

dear oh dear!
cherish the featherweight!
never sell it! its a rare item, raised in Glasgow only, limited edition.
used to be very pale green.... scots are such nice people, and their machines DO the work, seldom to fail.
have nice days with your dear daughter and husband!
irene from a snowclad amsterdam

SubeeSews said...

I have a white FW I never use and a 1937 ScrollFace black FW that I use all the time. The white one is slow...I think the new belt is too tight.