I think that I shall never be

much of a paper piecer. Oh, I can do it. I'm just not sure how much I enjoy it. It's not as relaxing as patchwork piecing for me.

I decided to make 4 mariner's compass blocks for the baby boy quilt I started.

The top two are my practice. I have to have them so that I can remember not to try to use pieces that I've cut to a bit oversize. It never works. I need to work from long strips and that works for me. But, it's very fabric wasteful.

On a different subject, I've worked my last day of the year and am off to clean out the closet because I found out that there's no room to hang the new clothes I got for Cmas. What a shame, to have too many clothes. But, there's still time to make a goodwill run and I have 4 or 5 homespun shirts that are beautiful, but uncomfortable as heck. The fabric is rough and wrinkles; ironing is futile as every move leaves a wrinkle. They're left from the days when I spent 2 hours ironing for work every Sunday afternoon. I have better things to do and am now purchasing poly/cotton blends. Right from the dryer to the back. I think those shirts will make great quilt fabric.

After that, it's more cleaning and straightening. Yippee. But, every chance I get, I'll be sneaking in to sew. I want to start a garment. But, I don't know what. Maybe a shirt or a pair of slacks. Goodness knows I have plenty of fabric for a muslin and that will probably satisfy this wierd need I'm having to try following a diffferent kind of pattern. And, I'm thinking about those Linus quilts. January is to quilt one I have pieced and then cut the other 11 so that I'll end up with 12 for the year. High hopes and all.

Take care and have a great Wednesday. Wednesdays are normally such plain days, but it's the last one this year.

I'm also thinking about my Dad. He had some surgery this week and is recovering. All seems to have gone well. It's hard to be so distant, in miles and in years and everything else that divides us.

I remember that every year during my childhood, he took a nice long vacation around Cmas and NY; two weeks at least. And, during that time, one of the things we did was return anything we had borrowed. Local legend had it that whatever you were doing on NY day, you'd be doing all year long and he didn't want to be borrowing all year.

Funny how things stick with you. I don't want to be disorganized next year, so I'm working on big organization plans. Won't take me long to get tired of that. I can't think of a thing I've borrowed.



Andra Gayle said...

I don't enjoy paper piecing either and it is a HUGE waste of fabric! I sure do like the blocks that come from it though-best points ever! Good luck with your organizing. Seems like every time I get started, something comes up and I have to stop. Guess I will try again today.

Carol E. said...

I always over-cut for paper piecing, too, but I don't mind a little waste. I have plenty of fabric, after all. I am also trying to organize stuff. So far all I've managed to do is make a big mess of piles of paper on the dining room table.

sewmeow said...

Totally agree w/you on the paper piecing. It makes such a mess, and don't really enjoy it like regular piecing. Good luck on the organization!

Becky said...

I've done a couple of paper piecing things and I found I am MORE than not fond of it! I started organizing the sewing room....made a big pile in the middle of the floor....and there it sits!!! I'm thinking that is how I will spend my afternoon. Enjoy your time off!

julieQ said...

Oh, I was having anxiety thinking you were going to relegate those homespun shirts to Goodwill! I am glad they will find a place in one of your quilts. I am like you, I paper piece, but it is not my favorite.

Shay said...

I've never tried paper piecing but from what I've read you're either a fan or you're not. I may never have beautiful points on my quilts.

Congratulations on being finished with work for 2010. I still have two days to do!

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of cutting all the fabric for the 12 charity quilts. I might try to do that this year. I wanted to make one a month for Project Linus.

Vesuviusmama said...

You know, I was thinking on New Years Eve about whether or not I owed anyone anything, money or something I had borrowed. I vaguely remember hearing an adage about starting the new year free and clear.