The holiday begins

Hmmm. Anybody else having trouble posting pics? All I see is the html, but when I go to preview, I see the picture. Saw others having trouble on a forum this morning...well, actually, Rob did. Mostly, I just humphed around because something wasn't going right.

Tamales, like the delicious ones in this picture almost make the holidays worth it. They're a staple around here at the holidays, and seems that we all end up discussing the best place to purchase them. Rob gets me a couple of dozen every year from a restaurant where the cook uses his grandmother's recipe. And, two dozen is plenty because they're all lard and salt and bad for me stuff that I find irresistable. With two dozen, we have two meals and I can be content that my lard quota has been satisfied for the year.

Today is the last day at the office. I've been working on a big project and the research is finished and today I need to organize the data and write the conclusion. Soon as that's done, I'm home for the duration, except for a tiny bit of shopping that we'll do family style. We have just one gift to buy and I think we came up with the perfect thing this morning. Now, we just have to find it.

Hope you're having wonderful holidays. I'm looking forward to spending some really intense sewing time while I'm away from the office. I need to start a baby quilt. That's my goal during the time off; to at least get it started. Oh, and I guess I need to spend at least some time with the family. I'm planning to make a sailing ship block and surround it with stars across the top and halfway down the sides and then in the bottom half, paper piece some fish and a whale. I've seen the patterns, but am going to have to track them down again. An adventure.

Take care. Lane


sewmeow said...

Enjoy your time at home and your family. Your next project sounds nifty.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lane, enjoy your time off and your holiday.

Gail :)

lw said...

Hang onto those tamales, Lane. Here's one source on lard, which reads in part:


"Lard has clearly won the health debate. Shortening, the synthetic substitute foisted on this country over the last century, has proven to be a much bigger health hazard because it contains trans fats..."

Lard is better for you than margarine or shortening.