Step 3 moves slowly

Bonnie was right. She's been going easy on us up until this week. And, this week, she's given us quite the challange. First, she said dig deep. And, what did I find when I went there?

Some really ugly fabric. That bug fabric from the bottom is the very first fat quarter I ever bought and it's never been cut. The newsprint is left from a pair of lounge pants I made Rob about 9 years ago. The rest are from here and there.
And, I had a lot of really pretty long strips left from my quilt making. Tons of them. From 1" to 2" wide. And, a whole bag of neutral hst's.
And, this is what I've ended up with so far. they're pretty slow. I've spent a lot of time on just these 15. I might be able to get 5 more out this weekend, but I'm betting I won't finish this clue by week's end.

So, this is my first string piecing. Never done it before. I've saved strings forever and have a huge tub of them, saved. And, thanks to Bonnie, now I'm finding a use...oh, and a use for last year's phone book. Good thing they delivered new ones this week.

I also got a quilt bound and soon as the sleeve is on and it's washed, I'll post a pic of that. Take care and I hope you're having a wonderful winter weekend.



creativedawn said...

Looks good!


Pati said...

That looks great Lane! I'm still working on Step 2. I'm using those blocks as a leader/ender to finish putting blocks together from another sew-along that I was involved in. Maybe later today I will be able to work on Step 3.

Anonymous said...

Those blocks look terrific. I haven't started on any clues yet on her mystery, but I'm saving the clues to do later. Thanks for sharing.

Coloradolady said...

Wow...your blocks are really great! Lane, how old is that newsprint?? That is ADORABLE....love it!!!!

SubeeSews said...

Your blocks could have come from my stash.
Beautiful fabrics!
I have 50 blocks done...just 10 to go. Then I want to make 60 more "just because"

Coloradolady said...

I just came back and looked at your blocks and then looked at mine. Yours are FAR better than mine and now I think I used all the wrong color ways..... :( Hopefully, they will be OK. I have too many done, to start over, I only need to make 11 more......it is time consuming...all I have done is sew, sew, sew!!!!!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

I came to peek in (I'm down in Harlingen!! *waving North*) afraid you'd be cursing me a blue streak! Your blocks look GREAT! They are going to make this quilt so fun...what are we saving all this stuff for anyway, it's never going to get any better if we let it age more... ;cD

Keep up the good work! Remember, it's not a race. You don't need this step DONE by the time the next part is released....

You ARE having FUN, aren't you? :cD


Shevvy said...

I love string blocks, they are really addictive. Now you've started you won't be able to stop!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love the colors. Those string blocks are really nice.

xo -El

Nancy said...

I have that bug fabric! I bought it when my grandson wanted a bugs in jars quilt.