Weekend projects

Another busy weekend for us. Fortunately, we weren't out in the shopping craziness. Well, we did dip our toes in a couple of times, but when it got too busy for us, home we went.

This is what I did in the sewing closet. You won't know it to look at these pics, but much re-arranging was done.

In this pic, there are 4 bins. Three of those bins were twice as large as the current bins and got moved on to Rob for storing holiday decorations. YEAH! That means that half of what was crammed into those bins has been moved along in the fabric user's system to either used or ready to use. The new 4th bin is Linus fabrics. Yes, there's a whole bin of stuff for Linus that I can cut freely from next year to meet my goal of a quilt a month. More organization intended to move this fabric along to it's next life. (I know, I know, my tub labels aren't good descriptions, but I just wasn't up to that after I finished the other day.)

And, this is where all my current stash went. The shelving unit is one that was on the way to the trash at Rob's office. No more. He thought fabric, and I took out a huge and bulky shelving unit with the tubs from the previous photo and replaced it with this. The drawer unit was a Goodwill find for 6 bucks and has blacks, whites and neutrals in the drawers. They wouldn't fit in the shelves. The two small drawers are sewing notions; marking tools on top and scissors on bottom.

I did not finish pressing all 600 half triangle squares open. I think this is roughtly 270 or so that are boxed and ready to go for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll from Bonnie Hunter.

I also made Rob a pair of lounging pajama bottoms, and managed not to get a picture of them. But, I know he likes them because he hasn't taken them off yet. They fit funny for him. Something about the pattern and not enough room in the seat, but I can fix that on the next pair.

Yesterday, Sydney and I baked. And, baked, and baked and baked.

She had her first baking disaster. Not sure what happened here, but I think she knows. She kept saying there was something wrong before it went in the oven. I couldn't taste anything funny, but she didn't seem surprised that it went wrong and I think she must have done something and didn't want to fess up to it.

While she had that in the oven, I made a batch of Blondies from the recipe Bonnie Hunter posted on her blog (MMMM. If I had taken them out a bit earlier, they would be perfect. As it is, the outside ones are a bit crunchy, but the middle ones are great!)

Since we'd been having a bit of bad luck, we were especially careful of the pumpkin cheesecake. Rob can't wait to cut this, but he's going to have to wait until Friday at earliest. Sydney is convinced there's something wrong because it cracked. I tried to explain that as long as it didn't fall, it was fine, but she enjoyed picking at me about that crack being big as the Grand Canyon. But, I'll be she eats her share, crack or no.

And, we made cookies to frost; ginger and sugar. Sydney and I have decided that we don't like to bake the kind of cookies that say "chill, roll, and cut". We're "scoop by rounded tablespoonfuls" kind of people. By the time we both finished our cookies and I had done all the dishes, we were pooped! The cheesecake was a Paula Dean Recipe, so there was butter dripping out in the oven. We needed a drip pan, but before we put one in, we smoked up the whole house. I was worried the alarms would go off, but they didn't.

Overall, it was a great weekend of family time. Some grumpiness, which is apparently hormonal and part of being 13, but for the most part, other than when I caught her moving dishes from the clean pile to the dirty pile to keep from having to put them away (lazy heifer!) all went well and we enjoyed this part of the Christmas holiday.

Things got a bit wierd this morning. I hope that was because I had to leave for work and they wanted me to stay, but I suspect it was more about everyone needing some space after three days of togetherness.

Hope your family is having a great holiday, too. Family can be a real blessing. Even when it's hard work.



Becky said...

Good grief! All that cooking looks so good I've got to go get something sweet to eat!!!! Wish I had some of your stuff!!!

regan said...

Lane....you're getting so organized! I love that! I will work on that AFTER Christmas!

Your cheesecake looks great! The crack comes when it's cooled too fast. Next time try this....when the cooking time is up, turn off the oven, crack the door open and LEAVE IT IN THERE for an hour. It will cool slower, and you shouldn't get a crack! Of course, cracks can always be hidden by whipped cream or chocolate curls! Yum!

kwiltmakr said...

I wish I were that organized and ambitious to back. I used to be but that was when I was younger. It all looks so yummie!

Becky said...

I think we've all been catching the baking bug - mine was last week - I made 5 different cookies and some dipped pretzels and Saturday I took 2 dozen of each to work. You would have thought I'd taken in a Million dollars and plopped in onto the break room table. By the end of the day there was hardly any left - people were actually wrapping them up in paper towels to take some home. My Boss said he wouldn't get any - he got ONE Sunday morning. I was amazed - I thought they'd last at least the weekend. LOL! Next came the request for recipes. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to spend a weekend baking with my girls again, we used to spend days baking and decorating gingerbread cookies

I need to catch up on RRCB triangles--too. You seem to have accomplished a lot over the weekend.

Gail :)