My first quilted item and the weather

I'm going to show a picture of the first quilt related thing I ever made. Don't laugh. I'm sure that in every quilter's closet, there is something terrible.

But, we keep using this one because it's also kinda wierdly cute. And, we only pull it out once a year, and we cover it with presents, so the painful part is pretty short.

This is my Cmas tree skirt. Now, I remember the lady that shared the pattern and the instructions. I don't remember the conversation, which is a shame because she was a really nice lady that retired a year or two after sharing this with me. This would have been the late 80's. And, I didn't even know I was quilting when I made it.

This is a quilt as you go project, where the back and batting are layered and then a center triangle was pinned on and strips were added, log cabin style. The backing is the cheapest muslin ever and the polyester batting feels like steel wool inside it. I used commercial bias tape for the binding and ran out of red and substituted in a burgundy to finish.

But, it serves it's purpose and hides the tree stand nicely.

I'd like to make a new one now. I still have the pattern for the backing. I wonder what it would look like if I gave it another try? I know it wouldn't have any Christmas fabric in it if I made it again. Maybe I'll do that next year. Or maybe not. It's been under my trees for so many years that now it's become a tradition.

Anybody else use an ugly tree skirt because it means something to you? Maybe something in a green felt with fuzzy ball trim around the edges?

I watched the news. I apologize to all my friends that are snowed in for the following photos. But, it was beautiful at our house yesterday and we spent a chunk of the morning putting the last things to bed before last night's hard freeze.

I promise that some time, the sun will come back to your house. Right now, it's sunny and high 50's outside.

Stay warm. Lane


Becky said...

I like the tree skirt....it is tradition after all! :) I'm over the red and green stuff myself....I have almost all stuff converted to blue and silver. A little more each year! Love the blooms...we are in the snow event here in West Virginia!

Bonnie K Hunter said...

LOL!!! I made the same tree skirt! Same poly batting too I bet. I thought I'd fancy it up at the time and put a ruffle around the whole thing. It didn't help. It is still ugly!! LOL!

It only looks good when it is covered up with presents ;c)

What a fun share, Lane! Keep em coming!

Mad about Craft said...

I think it is lovely!

Patricia said...

I think that looks pretty good for someone who made it and didn't even know they were quilting. My first project was a tree skirt as well, but I purchased some pre-quilted fabric (muslin) and added red/green/gold rick-rack. I just cut a circle and then made a hole in the center and bound it in bias tape as well. I still use it as well :c) Doesn't lay flat like your's does! Wonder what I did wrong ROFLOL

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure it is not as bad as you think -- we are our own worst judges, after all. I think is is really nice.

Oh, and pretty flowers.

xo -El

Pauline said...

I like it, don't see a thing wrong with it. Display it proudly! It was the start of an adventure into a wonderful new field! Love the flowers, what are they? I'd love to plant some.

scraphappydenise said...

Lane It looks great from here! I have one that is made with the "stack the deck" method... it is so not my style anymore... we have a lodge theme home, and this has metallic gold all through the fabric choices, with gold braid around the outside.. would you like to trade? LOL