The God's of Electricity have smiled...

Okay, so that's a way big overstatement, but isn't it wierd how sometimes, a series of slightly related coincidences happen that make you think maybe there's some other power at play?

It started with my car, a couple of days ago. It's cold and my car is not as new as I wish and it was sluggish to start; once last week, and once on Tuesday afternoon. I hate getting stranded in a parking lot...that's just such wasted time, so I took it in for a battery on Wednesday. But, on Thursday morning, it gave me even more trouble starting. So, I worked from home and Rob came home in the morning and we put it in the shop. They looked it over and couldn't find anything wrong, so I had the brakes worked on while it was there. Gotta keep up with the maintenance on cars and sewing machines, right?

Chapter 2. If you remember, I dropped a brand new laptop early in the summer and killed it. I replaced a very expensive screen on it, but that didn't make it whole. So, for cmas, I was going to buy a very expensive hard drive and give the whole thing to Rob. When I went to buy it, the price had dropped by like 80%. Whoo-hoo! That left me the money to buy him an inexpensive starter camcorder for cmas. And, now the laptop works again. That's two electrical items that worked out right in a single day.

Chapter 3. That little white electric singer featherweight I bought at auction a few weeks ago had a real problem. The hand wheel was not balanced and wobbled when I used it. I think the machine and case had been dropped upside down because there's some paint chipping on the hand wheel and the top of the case is broken. The wobble probably didn't interfere with the usability of the machine, but it meant it wasn't worth much...certainly not as much as I paid for it. And, that bothered me. Bothered me so much that I can't enjoy the machine. I feel so stupid because I overpaid for it, outbidding a woman that really had more cash to spend than me, but also had more self restraint, and feeling that way has actually affected my ability to enjoy the machine. Since I couldn't work on Thursday, I pulled it apart and found the offending part, the main (horizontal arm) drive shaft of the machine was bent, probably confirming the previously suspected fall. I located one on ebay and ordered it. In process of working on the machine, I broke another part (the inexperienced should never repair things, but if the inexperienced don't, how do they become experienced?) The guy with the arm also had the linkage part I broke and in 5-7 days, I should have that little beauty all fixed up. What did I need a second featherweight for anyway? Especially one that I feel bad about buying. (I'd rather have something else. Something older. Something much less costly. Like a 1950 Singer 301a, black, long-bed. But, that's another post.) Anyway, with the new parts, I believe this little singer will bring more than I paid, including the new part, if I can get it on ebay just after the holiday when everybody has their holiday gift cards and is spending them with abandon. Even if I lose a little money, at least a machine that I'm never going to be able to enjoy as much as it deserves will go to someone that will feel that they got a real bargain and will enjoy it more than I can. That's gotta leave me with a good feeling. That I rescued it, fixed it, and sent it on.

Now, these are three disparate stories that probably don't say much about electricity turning in our favor, except that this morning, the rear windows of my car, which haven't gone up and down for 2 years suddenly started working again.

It's an electrical miracle. Things are looking better every day.

Okay, so it's probably more of a statement about my optimism than it is about electricity. But, it feels good to feel optimistic again. I've been laid low this holiday season and I'm needing to feel good about stuff again. And, this is all good stuff. Even playing hookey yesterday from work. Everybody needs a good hookey day now and then. And, yesterday was a good day for me.

So, y'all take care and I hope there are things going on for you that make you feel optimistic too.



regan said...

Lane....I totally agree. If I spent too much, or it doesn't work quite right, or ANY negative at all about something...I just can't enjoy it! And would rather get it out of my sight! Sheesh!

I tend to spend way too much time investigating, researching, test driving, etc. all the stuff I buy, just because I know how I am about things. That way, even if I spend more than I wanted, I KNOW I got the best deal I could have. It's tough with ebay items, but I definitely do it with retail purchases.

I have to be able to look at the thing, be happy with it, and be a little proud that I got the best deal with it! I can enjoy having it that much more!

Becky said...

Haha! it's an electric miracle. I love it! Glad you are feeling more optimistic - 'tis the season you know. wishing more good karma your way.

Elaine Adair said...

While I was reading, and reading and reading your FW story, the picture of the Everready Bunny kept popping up! Long story, the kind we all have to deal with on occasion, but I think it turned out OK? 8-)))

Should I blog about the time our doorbell rang on several occasions, totally by itself? Nahhh, no one would believe it. ... or, was it the same gods of Electricity???

Anonymous said...

what about giving your daughter the singer? she might well be thrilled to have one. and children do cost more than you will even imagine, so this one could be added too! she might even love to learn to sew clothes (that will bring you some relief in buying them for her hehehehe)
if she has already one, pooooof, there goes my good advice!
love, Irene from Amsterdam

lw said...

Funny-- I always feel a more intimate connection with the machines I've repaired. Poor beautiful machine to have had some clumsy clod drop her!!! I do think you're right to get her running well and send her on her way to make someone else happy, though. I have a black 301 short bed, and it's truly a pleasure to sew on. I hope you find your 301 long bed soon, and at a yard sale where no one but you knows what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

While you're looking for your black 301 with a long bed, don't forget to check out thrift shops. My friend bought a 201 in a cabinet with the bench (only one owner) for $5.99. That's right - under $6. Good luck finding what you want.

SubeeSews said...

We have a "water fairy" that occasionally messes up our house. It can be nothing but a minor adjustment that can then lead to a major flood. Thank goodness I am home all the time to catch these things. We also get an "Electrical Genie" who visits...we try to roll with the waves but at times I feel we are haunted!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun post. Glad things are going well and I hope things keep going your way.

xo -El

Coloradolady said...

I guess you know I will be thinking about this machine....let me know before you sell her.....