Does the heart good

We went to see LD yesterday and took her out to lunch.  Just those few hours spent with her is so refreshing.  Her positive outlook and joy are like cool water.  And, she is so mobile.  From where she was in January until now is a world away.  She didn’t need her cane and she took the stairs down…but the elevator up.

In January, I took soup and cornbread for us to have for lunch.  I took what Sydney and Rob like, which is a sweet and light, cake-y cornbread.  What I grew up on was buttermilk cornbread.  Heavy and hearty.  Anyway, LD let me know in no uncertain terms that, while she was grateful, cornbread does not have sugar as an ingredient.  So, I pulled out Aunt Lucille’s recipe and I’ve been practicing.  I’ve made a half dozen pans of cornbread, getting ready to share the love.  And, I took her some turnip greens and a jar of chili sauce, homemade, sweet and vinegary and tomato based. 

She called last night to say how much she enjoyed her supper.  She’d eaten half that loaf of cornbread, first with butter and then with preserves.  Way to go Aunt Lucille!


I think I’ve established that I will try anything.  Somebody suggested I learn to tat.  So, on one of our antique jaunts recently, I bought a shuttle and I’ve had to pick up a couple of balls of thread to find just the right thing, but I struggled and I worked and I’d end up with huge balled up knots of thread and just cut them off and throw them away.  A lot of thread has gone in the trash.  And, as I got better, all the websites I was viewing suggested I pick a pattern and try it. 

I picked this little tree.


About the size of my hand.  It didn’t look too hard.

My third start got finished. 


If I pull and tug just right, it can be made to resemble a tree. 

But, I learned a lot and started a bookmark.  It’s coming along nicely.  And, I keep asking myself why I am working on it, with so much else to do.  I don’t even enjoy tatting.  And, yet I keep pulling it out to work on.  I think it’s the challenge thing.  Once in a while, I need a new challenge and this is just the trick to keep my attention. 

While we were out, I bought this flowerpot.  I was really giddy from the LD experience.  I would not normally have paid this much for something I was going to put in the yard. 


Today, I need to find something that will trail out of it. Something white.  And, I have the perfect spot in my flowerbed for something bright red.

Everybody have a great Sunday!  I’m off to the sunroom to do some fingerwork and watch the sun come up while listening to an audiobook.  Multi-tasking at its best.



Impera_Magna said...

It's all about The Challenge... to see if you can do something... this kind of thing happens at my house on a regular basis...


Oh and I LOVE buttermilk cornbread, so dense and heavy... *yum*

Becky said...

Oh Lane! I can't believe you are tatting. I've got a tatting story (of course)! When I was in college I took a Home Arts class. One project was to pick a craft from the list and make something, documenting the process. Procrastinator that I am, I waited a class or two before I went up to the list. TATTING was the only one left. Oh.Dear.Lord. I never got beyond the knotty mess stage. BUT, it was the best documented pile of $h!t you've ever seen! Bless you for even trying to actually make something! Love you!

Laura said...

Good for you! I can knit and crochet, but tatting looks too complicated for me.

Kath said...

Multi-tasking at its best.

that's what my husband says when he's "watching" TV, snoozing and snoring. I won't mention the 4th activity.

Love the red pot, with it's white flowers it would have gone down very well here in England this weekend.

Great to hear such happy news about LD.

Anonymous said...

I think I said you should learn to tat, so I'm thrilled.
YouTube is wonderful. I learned as a small child but have never been around anyone else that tatted. At age 72 I relearned from blogs and YouTube. It can be a real test of patience, but really impresses people.

Coloradolady said...

my family never made cornbread with sugar, I do and love it. My extended family is not too fond of it, but we like it here!!

Sounds like you had a great day! I love that red pot!! I'd throw in some sweet potato vine, I love that stuff!

and...you always amaze me at what you get done!!

Pauline said...

Great work! Especially for a first time. I have an old shuttle that belonged to a great aunt. Tried it once 20 years ago and gave up, might try it again someday, might be easier since web sites are around now.
I cook my buttermilk cornbread in an iron skillet on top the stove. I "flip" it over with a spatula to brown the top as well as the bottom. Saves heating up the kitchen in this Texas weather.