She waved at me...

Okay, for this to make sense, think of your own teen.  The one that never wanted people to see you with them.  First, I insist that there be a hug before I drop her off at camp in the mornings.  She never hugs back. 


But, I don't care.  I call her a pain in the rear...sometimes.  And, other times, I use another word.  But, if there's no hug, there is a good chance that I will embarass her in front of the whole camp.  And, she knows I might do it. 

"Yoohoo!  Sydney!  Bye!!! Sydney!  Tooooooodles!  Have a terrific day, sweetie-pie!" air kiss, air kiss. 

I've done it before, much to the amusement of the other campers and counselors.

Okay, not in a really long time.  Long enough ago that it didn't make her consider my untimely demise and the selling of my sewing machines for a dollar each (her favorite threat).  But she just never knows if and when I might do that again, so she complies with my requirement of a good bye hug in the parking lot, even if it as warm and affectionate as hugging a sign post.

Usually, we come out of the doors of the Y, where the campers meet every morning, and I go sign her in and she walks away like we just coincidentally got there at the same time.  She'll sit with her back to me so I can't catch her eye to wave.

I don't know what I did right this morning, but today, when I looked back before I left, she met my eye and when I gave a little finger wave, she gave one back.  Discreet?  yes.  Just the tiniest movement of her fingers.  But an acknowledgment, nonetheless.  And a small smile.

I will live on that all day.  Because, by the time she gets home, after spending her allowance on sugary drinks, she will be the grumpiest, moodiest, tiredest, most cranky little pain in the whatever word you want to use that she can be. 

But, she's doing the dishes every night.  She gripes a bit and asks why I'm not doing them, implying that because my legs are not broken, I should be doing everything, but she does 'em. 

Other than that, I'm just working on the red backpack.  I have the front outer cover made, including the two flapped pockets.  Pictures later as I move to the next step. 

Have a good Friday.  I'll be smiling my stupid, happy parent smile. 



Sandi Colwell said...

Run with that happy feeling, Lane! This morning my oldest had 8th grade graduation and I believe I actually got a nod AND a smile today- I'll hold onto that all day too. She wants to walk from school to a pool party today (almost 2.5 miles) w/a group and I thought of Sydney and the bus. She's not familiar w/that end of town so we printed her a map and she has promised to text me from different check points. It's so hard to let them grow up. Thanks for sharing the journey.

Impera_Magna said...

...your baby is growing up! How wonderful! Before you know it she will be hugging you in front of the entire world and will not care one little bit...

Pauline said...

Watch out! She may want something that cost a heap of money! Remember, the higher the heel, the thinner the wallet.

Coloradolady said...

This made me smile!!! Hold on to those happy moments!!

Cynthia L. said...

You have to hold on to the smallest things! I think that is what parenting is all about!

Kath said...

""Yoohoo! Sydney! Bye!!! Sydney! Tooooooodles! Have a terrific day, sweetie-pie!" air kiss, air kiss"

Don't forget "Love you!, miss you!"

They hate you forever hee hee

My son used to hold my hand on the way to school, until he spotted his pals, whereapon, he dropped me like my hand was a dead skunk :-D
Those were the days.

If it's any consolation Lane, 10 years down the line, he loves to hug and kiss his Mamma, not caring who might be watching.

Margie said...

My oldest grandson was a weirder than usual teen. If he saw his mom at the far end of the highschool hall he would shout, "Love you, Mom!"

Tammy said...

Hi Lane,
Some parents say our kids have to become unruly teenagers so we want them to move out! Bravo to Sydney to acknowledge you with a smile and a wave at camp. My son was five years old when he stopped walking with me a block from his school so we could hug and kiss good bye where no one would see.

Vesuviusmama said...

Big smile!

Carla said...

They have their moments and when you least suspect it they like you. LOL
I was pretty lucky my daughter didn't mind having me around and neither did her friends. But she had her moments that I could have rung her neck. Still does now that I think about it. Gotta love them!