Not much...it is a weekday after all.

That's right.  There is not much going on.  And, I am enjoying it more than I can express. 

Here's the picture I meant to show yesterday of the finished Jubilee block 19. 

I like the 3-D effect of the block, but I wish it had more colors in it.  The three blues were not enough to turn me on.  But, the next block will surely take care of that.  Okay, so not that many colors, but look at all that intricate piecing...

Here are the supplies for my new backpack.  I don't have any idea why red has become "the color" for me right now.  Everything I picked up this weekend when we were shopping was red or had red in it.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that cycles through colors.  It's not unusual for me to realize that every shirt I've worn for a week has green in it or blue in it.  But, I'm not usually so drawn to red. 

Ugh, I didn't realize it was so blurry.  The stripes in the top fabric are green and blue with bits of gold and black in them.  That's a very loosely woven fabric, so it's getting secured to the red denim lining fabric with a lot of straight seams, just to keep it from snagging.  Red zippers and there's even a red button in the strap buckle.  But, the strap will likely be black.  I looked at a red one and just am not sure I see that happening. 

The striped fabric came from my Mom when I brought her sewing machine home this year and the red denim came from my mentor.  I came up with the pattern, so all I've had to buy are the zips and the buckle and the strapping. 

When Sydney saw the muslin, she immediately recognized the bag from the store that I took pictures in, even though she was in the dressing room when I was busy with my devious activities.  She's seen me look at that expensive bag every time we go in that store and recognized it, even in different fabrics, without zippers or straps.

The doctor was a breeze, just as I expected.  I'm certified as useful for another 12 months or twenty thousand miles. 

Have a good Thursday.  Two and a half weeks til vacation.



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Elizabeth said...

Paper piecing and tedious are terms that are synonymous to me. However, I love the results it produces, like block 19 of the jubliee quilt, so I persevere. Amazing! I love it! But I wouldn't paper piece flying geese or squares in squares or anything else that you can do the traditional way. Your next block is going to be amazing! Keep up the good work.

xo -E