First show

This year, I have done three things that are definite signs of me "growing up" and evolving in my quilting.

First, I started teaching.  I taught my first class in April and will be teaching again later this month and will be spreading my wings even further in August to teach classes other than quilting on a home sewing machine. 

Next, I joined the local quilt guild.  Will I go to meetings?  I don't know.  Will I join in activities?  I don't know.  It was enough of a step to send in the application and make myself open to whatever the Universe wants to offer me through a guild.  I have no pre-conceptions.  I'm just open to whatever experiences there are.  I'm looking at volunteer opportunities and that will further expose me to what being a member of a guild has to offer. 

And, now, I'm entering quilts in this year's guild show.  Two quilts,

(bad picture, but I read about photographing it this morning)


I've come a long way, BABY!

Every obstacle that I've run into about entering these quilts has been overcome with a few very polite notes to the officers of the guild, who gave me the info I needed to move forward.  Believe me, I gave the Universe plenty of opportunities to deny me this priviledge, including not joining the guild until a week before the quilt entry deadline. 

Big year for me.

And, a big year for the family.  Vacation starts tomorrow at 4am.  Yay us!  Syd can hardly wait.  She's so excited that she's gotten downright rude.  Cuttin' her a lot of slack.  A LOT of slack.

Have a great few days.  I'm sure I won't get to blog again until at least Sunday...unless I share pictures of the Beverly Hillbilly truck loaded with all our junk.  Prolly not.  That might be a bit embarrassing.



Cynthia L. said...

Lane, you have come a long way! I am so happy for you. It is such a scary thing to get out there and risk judgement on something you worked so hard on. I know the folks taking your class will love all of the information and wisdom you share with them! Wish I was there to take a class with you!

Becky said...

i'm so excited about your entries!! have a safe trip and a lot of fun!
love you, becky

Pauline said...

Love watching you grow. ♥ I could go on and on, but "atta boy" should cover it all! ♥♥♥ I'm happy for you. Have a great vacation. Be safe!♥

Coloradolady said...

all I can say is it is about time....I want to be sure you let me know when the show is...I want to see those blue ribbons for myself!!!

So proud for you....way to go!!! Have a wonderful vacation!

Marla said...

Pauline is right! Atta boy! We are so proud of you! And yes, I hope you show us the picture of the "Clampets" uhhh I mean of your family leaving on vacation!! Such fun. And it is not really a vacation until you can leave at 4 a.m.

Susan Entwistle said...

Congrats on your jump into Guild-dom. I hope yours is as wonderful as mine. Great speakers, inexpensive, intimate workshops with the best of the best, an extensive library of books, videos, and tools to borrow, advice, and an opportunity to show your work. Guilds are good. (And if you shop at JoAnn, show them your Guild membership card and get a 10% discount card that is good on even sale prices. :) )

Carla said...

I was scared to death the first visit to a guild. So many talented people and then there's me. not much to show and no confidence but I thought what better place to be. Surround by talent and I can pick their brains. Hope your guild is as great as mine. Besides volunteering get involve with a bee it's the fastest way to start meeting some members. I take the pictures now at every meeting and share my photo link with the guild so everyone can enjoy the so so pictures I take. Folks may not know my name but they know me the face behind the camera. LOL Just remember to breath and have fun.