Jubilee, block 20

Funny how I seem to get so much done when I stop fretting about what I'm not getting done. 

Please tell me you know what I mean.

I finished block 20 this morning.  Pretty plain and simple.  Which is good because the next block has 24 paper sections and each paper section has at least two fabric pieces (some have 5 or more pieces), so that one's going to be a real challenge. 

The original block 20 had a pink center, but that just didn't look right, so I replaced it with this purple one that has both green and orange in it.  That seemed perfect and while less bright, also less abrasive.  I wish the greens had been in better contrast, but if I worry about every little detail in these 36 blocks, I'm never going to finish this quilt.  So, I'm learning to accept the little imperfections that exist in each block and move forward and enjoy the process and the quilt blocks.

This would be a good block to draft and piece in a Mariner's compass class.  It might be the one I use.

Other than that, I'm getting things ready for travel.  I always need a book, even if I don't pick it up the whole time I'm gone.  This trip, I picked this book.

We saw Zach on The Daily Show with John Stewart.  He did a great job of describing the book and the very next day, I ordered a copy.  It got lost in shipping and Amazon was wonderful at replacing it and now I have it in my pile of stuff to pack.  In the book, he uses the 12 tenets of the Boy Scouts to describe his family and how they stand for the values that the Boy Scouts also stand for, but the Boy Scouts don't accept his family because Zach was raised by two Mothers. 

I think this will be an inspirational book for a family vacation.  I'll let you know if I like it...or throw it out the car window.

Not likely.

Everybody have a great day.  Lane


Cynthia L. said...

I love the purple and think it was a great choice of colors.

Look forward to hearing about the book. May be one I have to pick up!

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

would love to hear all about the book. I don't have time to read it but would love a synopsis. He sounds like the greatest son in the world. Kudos to his moms.