Out of sync

Do you ever get out of sync with the people you've surrounded yourself with?  I don't mean a real issue, just out of sync...not connected in our usual way, miscommunications, missed connections, nothing to say, off in different directions. 

That's what the weekend was like for me. 

I hate when it's like that.  It is not the norm in my family.  We're usually in really good tune.  So, when we're walking in different directions, it is very noticeable.

But, how do I FEEL about that? 

Isolated and alone.  Unable to say anything for fear it will come across wrong.  Left out of the family fun. 

I guess it's times like this that really make me appreciate the close family ties that we enjoy.  Sometimes you have to step outside of normal to really appreciate normal.

So, what did I do with my very quiet weekend?  I sewed and sewed and listened to an audiobook.  I spent time working in the yard and I picked the crabapples for jelly...but I didn't cook them down to juice yet.  I finished my little red backpack and am mostly happy with it.  I may make one more adjustment and see if that will make me completely happy with it, so I'm withholding pictures until I decide about that.  And, I did a ton of hand work on the Dresden Plate quilt, first building the sashings and cornerstones and then starting to sew them on.  But, that is slow work and a lot of progress doesn't look like much accomplishment.  And, I started the 20th jubilee block because that usually perks me up. 

And, I waited for the weekend to be over, in hopes that our routines will get us all back in sync. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


Vesuviusmama said...

Out of sync happens with regularity in my house - not often, but I swear it is almost seasonal. And I know why, but the reason is too personal to share. Just know that I know what you are talking about. And I am always so glad when we get back in tune.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

It happens in our house too, usually a few days before a new moon, which is tomorrow, so that meant the outofsyncness was yesterday. We know it happens, we have talked about it when we are IN sync, so when the out of sync happens, we can just say "damn moon cycle" then no ones feelings get hurt, and usually the next day everything is back to normal for a little while.

Nancy said...

Oh Lane, you are not alone. I live in a senior complex with 98% of the people being spiteful, gossipy old biddies who wonder why I stay to myself all the time, sewing or reading. We all get out of sync and when I was in nursing school, we often knew that things would get bad when there was a full moon. Whatever the reason, mercury in retrograde, who knows. You are not alone. Be grateful that you had something to do, to keep you busy, until it passed. When I need to get out of my own way I, too, sink into sewing, or reading if I am afraid I will botch whatever I sew. ((( )))

qltmom9 said...

>>>sigh<<< I wish I didn't understand this post so well.
I'm hoping it IS the moon.~

Have a GREAT week~

Lucy (in IN)

Carla said...

I totally understand but that tends to be my life in general some days. LOL
I mentioned you in my blog. Well I actually I left you a message in it in case you happen to read it. Of course I linked your blog so people could hope over and read your blog. Let's see how many times I can use the word blog in one comment. I'll stop now while I'm ahead.