The one that won

Okay, so for us to go on vacation looks like a scene out of Meet me in St Louis with boxes and bags and trunks and piles of stuff everywhere...everything except the porters and servants to carry it all. 

Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little bit.  Not much, but a bit.

And, on top of that, there's the cleaning...I cannot let the house sitter know how we really live.  It's not like they're just coming in to feed.  He's staying there. 

Judge me if you will.  But, I suspect that more of you feel like me than are willing to admit it.  At least I know what to expect for our week away this year.  I know what to take, what I can pick up there and what the cabin will have.  And, I'm correcting some mistakes from last year...we're taking paper plates.  Lots and lots of paper plates. 

And, I'll be cooking breakfasts and some dinners so I'll need things to make that easy...there's no sense in trying to fry an egg in a scratched up rental cabin skillet.  Or cut anything with one of those knives.  But, I know about the grocery there and that they cater to travelers who need small sizes bottles and cans and jars so there are no leftovers that have to be hauled back home.  And, I've planned meals that will require a minimum of standing over the grill time and practically no use of the oven, except to make some biscuits once in a while. 

Very upscale camping out.  With air conditioning.

I do not do lunch on vacation tho.  I don't cook lunch for us when we're home, much less when I'm on vacation.  We'll eat lunches out.  Many would ask why I cook on vacation at all.  And, my very simple answer is that I am cheap.  Call it what you will; tight fisted, miserly, penny-pincher.  But, every meal I cook is money we can spend going and doing something fun.  So, I'll cook the easy ones and let somebody else cook and clean the rest. 

Rob and several readers did convince me to take a machine.  And, if I'm taking a machine, there's only one project to work on...The Pond Mountain quilt that I pieced when we were there last time.

I spent a good part of the weekend training my Singer 301 to free motion quilt...more about that later because the story of figuring that out is a whole post of its own, filled with tooth grinding and muttered curses.  And, I added the last border and pin basted this quilt and the plan is to quilt it in the same cabin on a mountain that I pieced it in.  How cool is that?  Lots of ditch work and some free motion filler in the white parts.  And, now I have two vintage machines that I can use for free motion quilting.  The quilt shop owners are going to hate that.

I'll still take the red/white/blue hexie quilt and I'll take the cmas quilt to machine piece if my 301 forgets is new training. 

I also got up really early on Saturday morning and made Rob's backpack.  Here's a teaser photo.  I started writing the tutorial this morning. 

Another backpack success.  Mostly. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I like to clean before we go on vacation too, mainly because I hate coming back to a messy house. I mean it gets messy enough when you unload the truck, all the dirty laundry, and the stuff that needs to be put away. Makes it all seem nicer to deal with when it isn't twice as bad. Enjoy your vacation, sounds like it is going to be fantastic.

Auntie Em said...

I came here to say exactly what Ann Marie said above. I like to clean before I go because there's nothing like coming back to a clean house.
We used to rent a cottage every year when I was a kid, and we did a lot of the cooking. I'm sure it was to save money.

lw said...

I *need* to know how you taught your 301 to machine quilt. I haven't had any success with mine at all yet.

I'm glad you brought your machine and more than one project. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

Anonymous said...

I too will be waiting for the 301 lessons! Have a good holiday.

qltmom9 said...

That backpack is CUTE! I was just given a surprise gift of a red backpack!!! I though of you.~


Cathi said...

My husband & I just got back from a trip to Albuquerque (from Princeton, TX). We, too, take half of our house with us! We were 2 days on the road going, 2 days there with our oldest grandson & his girlfriend, 2 days on the way home. It was so cool to have our adult grandson (29) want us to come hang out.

Have a good, sage trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested in how you got your 301 to machine quilt. Plus I can't wait for the tutorial on the backpack. Have a great vacation and thanks for sharing.