Just decide already!

I am a grown man, very long in the tooth, and can't decide which project to take on vacation.  I don't think I'm taking a machine because really, there just wasn't that much time to sew last time we were there (watch, something will be different and I'll be kicking my patooty for not having a sewing machine).  I figure that if I take a couple of hand work projects, I'll easily be able to fill the driving time and the few hours in the mornings before Sydney wakes up and after I finish writing my blog posts. 

Anyway, my two hand work projects that are the most portable are this Christmas Drunkard's path that I got really excited about three years ago and have left sit since.  All the blocks are made by hand, so I had planned to assemble them by hand.  This could be the cmas quilt this year.

Or, I could leave this home and put them together by machine sometime later, which would be mega faster and could make this quilt an even bigger contender for this year's holiday quilt. 

Or, I could take the tried and true, July 4th and summer, red white and blue hexagon medallion quilt

Otherwise known as the perpetual, never ending hand sewing project.  Honestly, every time I get close to the finish on this project, I come up with a new border or a new idea, or I take out the center and make it again.  It's going to be a great quilt...someday.  Unfortunately, an English Paper Pieced project of any size is often a lifelong project for any quilter to finish. 

Sometimes I think I'll take one.  Sometimes the other.  Sometimes I think I'm just distracting myself with this, so I don't have to think about the mountain of stuff that has to be done before vacation. 

Anyway, Lily Munster bloomed today, and I managed to get a picture. 

Lily Munster is the only good thing to come out of a brief period of dating this really creepy guy.  Everybody had one that was really creepy, right?  This one was pretending about who he was and at the end, I found out he was not a landscape architect, he was an accountant.  He had not moved here for a better job, but came here to live off his brother because he'd been fired and foreclosed on in his previous town, where he sold pesticides to local plant nurseries.  And, finally, he walked up to me on a date one night and told me he'd met someone else and goodbye.

Whew!  Dodged a bullet on that one. 

But, I got a beautiful lily out of it. 

And, then I met Rob.  No.  Seriously.  That same night.  And, after six months of dating because I had learned my lesson about getting to know people before getting too seriously involved, we "jumped the broom" and we've been together ever since.

So, great flower, great guy.  Somehow everything works out right in the end.



Bratling said...

Take both. that's my advice. Then you can switch off which one you're working on so you don't get bored!

lw said...

If you only take one, let it be the drunkard's path. it's beautiful.

I think I had more than my share of creepy ones, including an ex-husband who was cheating on my before and during our marriage. He was 10 years older than I am, and I was in my early twenties, so I was pretty easy to fool. Oddly, I didn't know any of this until long after I divorced him-- I just knew it wasn't working. But in retrospect, it really creeps me out.

Shay said...

I'd be saying take both.

And creepy guy really did you a favour in the end because if he hadn't broken up with you , you wouldn't have met Rob so I'd say it turned out perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I agree with taking both projects, more if you have them. Just in case you get bored while working on one of them or both.
As for the creepy guy, been there, done that. I wasn't as lucky as you to meet someone the same night.
Thanks for sharing.

Pauline said...

If you can find the room, take a sewing machine and a little box of the necessities, like sissors, thread, etc. What if someone snags their slacks? Go buy more slacks or mend the tear? How long would it take to go shop for more clothes? With your machine you could put that georgous Christmas quilt together!

Marla said...

You could take a featherweight with you just in case! But I think with your hand projects, you will be plenty busy! Yes, we have all had "creeps" in our past. When I think of one I almost married, I get the shivers! Have a blessed day!

qltmom9 said...

Lily is lovely. I'm glad you kept her and not the creep. Yep, I dated a creepy creeper before I found my knight.

I vote do the Christmas one on machine, so you KNOW it'll get done. Take the hexies. I love to do handquilting on vacation. I remember where I was when I quilted areas of the quilts.