I've spent the last 24 hours winnowing my "to-do" list down to just what I want to be working on right now.  Subsequently, I am going to be able to move a bunch of stuff out of the "active" pile o' junk in my sewing room back into the "stored" pile o' junk in my sewing room.  That means taking it out of the sewing room floor, where it is incredibly in the way, and moving it into the closet, where I can pretend it is not screaming to be worked on.  That will give me more floor space to move around in. 

I want to focus in on a few projects and maybe I'll be able to rekindle that feeling of accomplishment because when I've got 15 things going on in my brain, and I'm dashing from one to the next, I don't get that feeling that I've actually completed anything.

What made the cut?

The new backpack.  I want to take that on vacation in a few weeks because it will be small...just right for a few papers and a camera and a phone and wallet and mp2 player.  Much smaller than any of the backpacks I own now.  And, I made the muslin in about 4 hours the other day, including all the "re-doing" I had to do to get it right.  So, I know I can knock this out quickly.  I've gathered all the supplies over this week.  Now it's time to cut fabric.

The hand pieced and to-be-handquilted Dresden Plate quilt.  That one is good finger work while watching TV.  I should get the top finished in time to set it up in the frame to hand quilt this winter, when I don't mind sitting under a quilt. 

The Jubilee quilt because I really want to make that, start to finish, during my 50th year.  To celebrate my new focus, I finally got up the gumption to finish block 19, which was an incredibly BORING block.  I don't know why some blocks are exciting and some are not, but this one was not exciting; maybe not enough colors.  And, I think I see where some of my lack of commitment has come from on this quilt.  The pieces get smaller and the paper piecing more intricate as I go.  The next 17 blocks are incredibly complex and that is just hard to wrap my head around.  But, I am determined.

Four brown, thread crochet placemats.  I have to have finger work.  The dresden plate quilt was great for that while I was putting all those plates back together and mounting them to their backgrounds, but now, it's gotten big.  Anything I do on it going forward is going to be too big to be portable.  So, this crochet will be small and can go anywhere.

And, that's it.

I will not say how many projects got pushed to the side.  I will admit to it being more than a half dozen.  And, less than the dollar amount of the national debt.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of focus, I took pictures of the stuff I wanted to talk about today.  Did I bring the camera?  No, it's sitting on the table in the sewing room.  Talk about lack of focus.

Everybody have a great Weds.  I have a doctor's appt this afternoon.  Routine inspection.  A bunch of money to have my blood pressure checked and my temperature taken.  $10 per minute to say that I'm still feeling fine, doc.  Here's your money.  Jeepers!


Piece by Piece said...

Now having sorted all of your WIP's down to a managable few, glad you feel in control of what you want to do. Way to go.
I am currently in the same position, a quilt for my bed, my GD wedding/1st anniversary quilt, both need to be quilted. Started a "one block wonder" very addicting, its on the design wall and floor!! I have a small backpack I am starting for a vacation later this year also. Found it in Quilter's World Aug "11
The container of selvages is now full. Time to get at it.
"Rountine inspection" had to laugh, sounds as if you are machine, (I guess we all are in one sense of the word), going in for a preventative maintenance checkup.
Have a good day.

Vesuviusmama said...

This past weekend I gave a presentation on hand quilting at my quilt guild, and brought with me several hoops, a floor-standing hoop, and my Ulmer Frame. Once I got those out of my sewing room (where they were resting places for WIPs, not where I was actually doing any quilting), I was amazed at how much more room I had and how much more inspired I felt, not surrounded by that clutter. So when I got home, I didn't set them back up. The stuff that was languishing on top of them can languish in the closet while I get some other things done.

Good luck at your routine inspection today! I need to schedule my "tune up" soon.

Cynthia L. said...

First off, hope your appointment at the doctor goes well!

I am impressed that you gotten so organized! I just shove stuff in the closets and wait to find it again when we move and the packers come. Since we are supposed to be staying here for a while, I guess I can't do that again. I would love to see the crochet placemat pattern you are making! I too love had work. Right now I am caught up making hexi's for a swap I belong to!